First Pages Podcast with Kelly Van Sant of D4E0 Literary

This week on the First Pages Podcast, we speak with Kelly Van Sant, agent at D4EO Literary. This FREE podcast is brought to you by The Manuscript Academy, #MSWL’s educational arm.

Each week, we invite an agent or editor to choose one of your first pages–and spend ten minutes commenting on those pages on the air. Kelly chose a page of YA fiction with a magical element by Erin Shachory.

We talk about Kelly’s time as a contracts manager and the switch to agent–plus, of course, how Erin’s page is a great example of showing magical details through imagery, letting the reader figure them out–and impressing us with her subtlety.

Feeling brave? Want to submit your page for consideration? Send it to as a Word document with–and this is important–“First pages podcast” in the subject line. The expert of the week will choose his or her favorite to discuss.

Just want to listen for now? All episodes of The Manuscript Academy podcast are free for everyone, and available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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