PubLaw + The Art of Negotiation with Lawyer-turned-agent Melissa Edwards

design (3)Let’s talk the art of negotiation!  On Manuscript Academy Podcast-Episode Eleven, Melissa Edwards of Stonesong Literary dives into how she uses her background as a lawyer to get the best deals for her clients, all the while navigating the cumbersome rules of publishing law.  She’ll discuss her journey launching author Leslie Mosier’s New York Time’s bestseller: Doug the Pug, The King of Pop Culture.  Then listen carefully for a pep talk about the querying process.

Writers, it’s not as bad as you think!  Melissa even answers questions about her favorite pastime, which gives a clear roadmap to the types of stories that she loves. So after all this, if you are interested in how Melissa works within the industry day-by-day, then you don’t want to miss this podcast.  Plus, she’s looking for clients, and it just might be you. Go enjoy.

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