My Current MSWL

Across the board, I am currently focused on finding stories with strong diverse and multi-cultural voices. I am drawn to picture books filled with humor, whimsy, heartfelt, make-me-giggle storytelling, and fun, SEL concepts. In Middle-Grade fiction, YA fiction, graphic novels, I’m eagerly seeking strong, distinct voices, multi-dimensional characters, compelling stories of friendships, coming-of-age stories, emotional … Read more

Short Sapphic romcom YA by Canadian Citizens or residents

CANADIAN AUTHORS ONLY (INCLUDING PERMANENT RESIDENTS OR TRIBAL CITIZENS) Give me two girls who accidentally miss the last bus, swap their phones, get handcuffed together or other lighthearted hijinks. Maybe they hate each other at first but as the night or day wears on, attraction grows. Make it sweet, quite innocent and funny. No need … Read more