Zoie Janelle Konneker

Peachtree Publishing Company Inc.

My Manuscript Wish List®

I am Zoie Konneker (she/her), an Editorial Assistant at Peachtree Publishing.

I am seeking children’s fiction across middle grade and young adult audiences. I am looking for timeless, emotionally evocative, and well-paced books to add to the expanding Peachtree and Peachtree Teen lists!

Middle Grade

I am looking for standalone titles that are full of action and heart. I enjoy historical fiction and historical fantasy, contemporary, soft sci-fi, fantasy (URBAN, animal, magical, dystopian, high fantasy), supernatural or paranormal, and plenty of humor. My current priority is light-hearted historical fiction (anywhere from the 1800s to the 1990s) with a unique setting and voice and/or anything magical realism.

Cringe-worthy coming-of-age stories with strong-willed, messy, emotional protagonists are my favorite! The manuscript should also be child-centered (non-human characters OK), plot-driven, and should contain realistic, culturally relevant themes. Women’s/LGBTQIA+/Black/Indigenous history and equality are top priorities for me, so stories about a particular time in history that is often overlooked or whitewashed are particularly intriguing. I also seek out stories with neurodivergent protagonists in particular. Body positivity and body diversity are also a huge plus.

I enjoy themes of friendship, compassion, sharing, honesty, learning and problem-solving, self-esteem/acceptance and self-reliance, identity, imagination and creativity, decision-making, unconventional or found families, LGBTQIA+ and racial equality.

I am looking for immersive, evenly-paced writing that emphasizes and amplifies the protagonist’s unique voice. I prefer NOT to acquire books written in verse.

Bonus points: 

  • Well-timed plot twists
  • Southeastern U.S. setting
  • Cats, owls, bats, or foxes
  • Sapphic characters

Young Adult

I am looking for standalone titles with immersive, atmospheric writing that emphasizes and amplifies the protagonist’s (or protagonists’) unique voice. I prefer to acquire books written in prose. I seek out manuscripts that are equally plot and character-driven, highly descriptive, and evenly paced. Atmosphere, mood, and voice are make or break. As with middle grade, the messier the characters the better. Complex characters with difficult choices are the most fun to read about, regardless of the stakes.


  • Fiction: historical fiction and HISTORICAL FANTASY (1800s – 1990s), contemporary, soft sci-fi, fantasy (URBAN, animal, magical, dystopian, high fantasy with a unique magic system), MAGICAL REALISM, supernatural, humor, romance (prefer rom-coms to dramas), retellings or subversions of lesser-known myths/lore)

Subject matter

  • Human/character-centered, social-emotional learning, neurodiversity, women’s/LGBTQIA+/Black/Indigenous history and equality, family, friendships, relationships, growing up, coming of age/entering the world as an adult


  • Friendship, compassion, self-esteem and self-reliance, identity, imagination and creativity, TOUGH DECISION-MAKING, unconventional or found families/family trauma or troubles, LGBTQIA+ and racial equality

Bonus Points: 

  • Sapphic characters
  • Gender nonconforming characters
  • Cats


My dream projects include: 

  • YA sapphic roller-derby rom-com (!!!)
  • YA/MG American Indigenous protagonist in a contemporary setting
  • YA/MG unconventional or lesser-known sports competition rivalry drama
  • MG Appalachia magic/folklore


I am not the best fit for: 

  • Angels & demons or other Christian-centric magic systems
  • Space travel or space-centric sci-fi
  • Horror/psychological thrillers
  • Stories centered around sexual assault or physical abuse
  • Stories about “overcoming” disability or mental health
  • War-time stories

Fun facts about me:

I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and identify as neurodivergent.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to konneker@peachtree-online.com

I accept both agented and unagented submissions. Please email submission materials to konneker@peachtree-online.com and include #MSWL in the subject line. I strongly prefer to receive plot summaries AND full manuscripts in a submission email.

If you do not hear from me within 2 – 3 weeks of your initial email, please follow up.