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My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m looking for projects in all categories of YA: swoonworthy romances (though category romance is a hard sell, especially if m/f), electrifying thrillers and mysteries (especially from diverse POVs), voice-driven contemporaries, and SFF that sweeps me off to a new world. Whatever you’re writing, give me flawed characters who struggle with the complexities of growing up and tangled networks of relationships binding them together. Books with messy, real, and consuming emotions are my kryptonite.
In adult SFF, I’m looking for expansive worlds inhabited by unforgettable characters. In fantasy, hook me with a setting or magic system I’ve never seen; then deliver by making me fall in love with the heroes struggling in its shadow. In science fiction, give me technology-rich stories that explore how societies evolve and change on a grand scale. Stories set “five minutes in the future” or involving one small change to our current world don’t really hook me. I want to see imagination run wild, not cautionary tales. I’m especially interested in books showcasing female, non-binary, and transgender voices.
I’m also interested in graphic novels (especially from author/illustrators) and nonfiction related to science, history, and politics.
Diversity is incredibly important to me. I strongly encourage marginalized authors to self-identify, if they are comfortable, especially if their identity is related to their project.

Fun facts about me:

I was a biology major in college and I have a soft spot for stories that include the life sciences (in any form!)

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