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My Manuscript Wish List

I am actively seeking compelling teen and adult fiction across genres that reflect the diverse world we live in and feature complex characters who hop right off the page. I like to say I edit books about Big Feelings --  love, grief, and everything in between.

Wishlist constants (YA and adult):
- romantic comedies
- friendship stories
- magical realism
- verse novels
- epistolary
- retellings with a fresh twist
- Gothic novels
- high concept fantasy
- stories about tough topics that make them accessible to teens (YA only)
- book club fiction (adult only)
- family sagas (adult only)
- historical featuring feminist protagonists (adult only)

My taste is extremely varied, but that just keeps it interesting! 😉 Ultimately I want nothing more than a great book that will let me escape into a new world or teach me something about mine.

Submission Guidelines

Agented submissions only, but unagented authors are welcome to book consultations (see below).


As a new addition from The Manuscript Academy, #MSWL’s educational sister company, we are now offering ten-minute e-meetings with a select group of our agents and editors to discuss your work, what you can do better–and how to maximize your chances of success in the submissions process. You’ll be able to pick from Skype, Hangouts, or a phone call–and, yes, this works internationally. Please see our FAQ, our step-by-step guide to booking your meeting, a list of participating agents and editors–and consider joining our Facebook group, a free, friendly community of writers cheering each other on through this process.

Please note: Meetings are posted once monthly, and then often sell out. If there are meetings available, you’ll see them bolded on the calendar below after clicking “Set Time Zone.” 

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Vital Info

Fiction: Commercial, Family Saga, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, LGBTQ, Literary, New Adult, Romance, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult

Favorite sub-genres: Contemporary YA, Gothic Horror, Magical Realism, Upmarket Women's Fiction
I'd like the next...

I'd like the next Emergency Contact (Mary H.K. Choi), Ninth House (Leigh Bardugo), Red, White & Royal Blue (Casey McQuiston), Act Your Age, Eve Brown (Talia Hibbert), A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow (Laura Taylor Namey), and The Poppy War (R.F. Kuang).

My favorites include...

See above or my twitter feed for updated personal faves!

My Upcoming Events:

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