Tara Gonzalez

Erin Murphy Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m an agent with the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. I’m also the social media coordinator for EMLA.

I read widely across genres and age groups, representing mainly picture books through young adult novels, including graphic novels at every level.

Across all ages and genres that I represent, I am actively looking to find diverse and underrepresented voices.

Here are some random things I love/am currently thinking about! This list is in no way a strict guideline – some of my favourite stories are ones I didn’t think I’d love going in. Please feel free to query me if you think we might be a good fit in general!

General Loves/Wants


Young Adult

I am always a sucker for contemporary romance, non-USA settings, and witches, as well as fantasy, thriller, and historical fiction. In particular, I’d love to find novels that focus on body positivity and personal empowerment (that don’t result in weight loss). Give me The Conjuring in a YA book or The Mummy (Brendan Fraser version). And girls in tech and science. Girls playing video games. I’d love to find a YA about a girl in competitive esports. I desperately want more YA that explores freshman year of college and the anxiety and experience of adulthood(ish) for the first time.

Middle Grade

In middle grade I tend to gravitate towards fantasy, action/adventure, contemporary, mysteries, and historical fiction. I love books with eco angles (especially eco mysteries). In contemporary, I love middle grade novels that focus on friendship and the complexities of growing up. Make me cry, please. Also, witches. I love protagonists that are passionate and interested in unique subjects – I’d love to see a mystery involving archaeology or museums. On a personal note, I’m Cuban-American and would love to find a book exploring what that means. I’d also love to find middle grade novel involving horses and a diverse cast of characters that could lend itself to a series, à la Saddle Club.

Picture Books

I am more selective with the picture books I represent. I love picture books with heart that give me goosebumps. I find myself mostly drawn to picture books about families, culture, traditions, and nature. And food. (And witches.) I also love lyrical nonfiction picture books. A more specific want – I’d love to see a picture book about the rangoli art form. Also, I want chaotic picture books.

Fun facts about me:

  • I am truly awkward.
  • And also terrible at bios.
  • I am half Cuban.
  • I once applied for a job at the CIA. I probably did not get it because I keep telling everyone I applied for a job at the CIA.
  • I have a master’s degree in Media & Communication Studies.
  • I like cats.
  • I like all animals, honestly, but I currently only have a cat.
  • I think archaeology is incredibly cool.
  • I love food.
  • I especially love cheese.
  • I’m really into bad reality tv dating shows. I know. It’s a problem.
  • I watch a lot of TV in general.
  • I spent a whirlwind year working in esports social media/publicity where they flew me out to tournaments all around the world to tweet and make content about competitive video gaming.
  • I was dyeing my hair for years (variations of pink, blue, and purple depending on the year) until the pandemic and now it just is what it is.
  • I miss traveling.

Submission Guidelines

I am currently open to submissions from conferences, referrals, and requests while I catch up on reading. I am also always open to queries from all marginalized creators. If you feel like we would be a good fit, please view my QueryManager to submit.

I realize that submitting a query via form may feel impersonal to some, but overall this system helps me with organization and more timely responses. I read each query personally and do appreciate your efforts in filling out the form!

Guidelines & Details

Vital Info