Stephanie Winter

P.S. Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

Hello! I’m an associate literary agent with P.S. Literary Agency building my list with books that foster inclusive and mindful discussions in queer, feminist, and generally intersectional spaces.

I have a background in English Lit from the University of Toronto and University College London (at one point I had the central tube lines memorized!). It is hugely important to me that I use my expertise to support authors whose voices have been overlooked in traditional publishing.

I acquire broadly, with a current focus on a few specific areas:


Adult Fiction 

  • Rom Coms with diverse representation and elevated twists on classic tropes. I’d especially love to see positive stories with trans, butch, and masc. of center protagonists (as well as in any of the below genres).
  • Suspense/Thrillers featuring strong protagonists who have careers and dynamic interests/skillsets. Not quite the fit for domestic, marital thillers.
  • Speculative/Light Fantasy stories that are high concept with a strong and clear connection to contemporary settings and situations. Climate fiction is welcomed!
  • STEM topics layered into character backstory

Adult Nonfiction 

  • Lifestyle/Craft/How-To projects that have broad appeal and will change the way we consume the world around us.
  • Cultural Criticism and Wellbeing titles that offer millennial and Gen Z takes on class, gender, sexuality, business, mental health, reproduction, health, etc. topics. I’m especially looking for works with a strong prescriptive takeaway.

Graphic Novels for YA and MG

  • I’m excited to see all sorts of graphic novels!

I also acquire select YA and MG fiction and nonfiction in categories in the vein of those listed above.

If you feel like we’d be a fit for these genres/categories but don’t quite see your project reflected here within these specific asks, I’d still be happy to see your query!




Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Submissions should be emailed to But first, please review the P.S. Literary Agency website for full submission guidelines.

Quick takeaways: include the title of your project and the name of the agent you’re querying (Stephanie Winter if you’re pitching me!) in your subject line.

Depending on your genre, you may be invited to share a sample of your work with your query.

Note that we don’t represent poetry and screenplays.

Only query one agent within the agency at a time.

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