Stephanie Guerdan

My Manuscript Wish List®

  • a YA book with the humor and high fantasy action and powerful queer energy of Thor: Ragnarok
  • The Night Circus for teens
  • An intersectional version of Robin McKinley
  • Old Testament stuff like the story of Esther, Judith beheading Holofernes, a romance with David and Jonathan, etc. retold as commercial YA
  • Queer YA based on Gilgamesh
  • Books with fairies or elves of color
  • A heroine who channels Zendaya’s “Heavenly Bodies” Met Gala look or Janelle Monae‘s 2020 Oscars look
  • This tweet, idk
  • A book about unions/unionization (either historical or contemporary)
  • A graphic novel with the character complexity and unique storytelling methods (but not the length, ha) of Homestuck
  • Queer retellings of basically everything, but especially fairy tales or classic literature
  • Books with flawed, antiheroic female leads
  • Books that capture the queer vibes of Mulan in her Wreck-It Ralph 2 outfit
  • Queer middle grade in literally any genre
  • Books about cryptids!!
  • Books that feature American folklore/urban legends, especially in subversive ways
  • Cat Sebastian or K.J. Charles-style historical queer romance for teens
  • Books featuring non-European/Western mythology


Submission Guidelines

I am not currently in an acquiring role.


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