Shannon Lechon

Azantian Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®


In middle grade, Shannon is looking for spooky stories only. That includes mysteries that feel equal parts campy and creepy in the vein of Scooby-Doo, but also horror like Coraline or City of Ghosts. A sense of humor in both voice and narrative style is always appreciated. Speculative elements are welcome but not necessary; she’s mainly looking for a great voice and atmosphere.


In young adult, she is mostly interested in stories with a speculative element, but is always on the lookout for a creative or original mystery. Dark, gothic fantasy or horror like What Big Teeth and The Taking of Jake Livingston is well-loved, as well as morally gray or antihero protagonists like Girl, Serpent, Thorn or The Curse Workers series. For science-fiction, she is looking for stories that call attention to existing issues like Rise of The Red Hand; superhero narratives like Renegades will also catch her eye. Expansive worldbuilding, with lands that feel real and fleshed-out histories, will pull her into the narrative. She is also looking for mystery/thrillers with original and spunky voices and/or setting as character. The ability to juggle large, quirky casts like Truly Devious or Danganronpa is important to her. A young adult Knives Out would be a dream. Books that explore the difficulty of making the right choice and have main characters make selfish decisions will have them hooked.


In adult, she is looking for literary books with a speculative element like Bestiary and The Tiger’s Wife that feel lush and magically possible, like new worlds exist just on the periphery of our vision. Books that combine fantasy with societal inequalities are high on their list of interests: Ring Shout and Mexican Gothic are prime examples. She is looking for science fantasy manuscripts like Middlegame that blur the line between magic and science and make us think about how far we can push the boundaries of our reality. She is particularly interested in sci-fi narratives that show a more positive side to technology, an anti-Black Mirror. She is also interested in manuscripts that incorporate elements of myth, especially if they are from underrepresented cultures or give voice to figures often forgotten; think The Wolf and the Woodsman and Daughter of the Moon Goddess. She is looking for mysteries and thrillers with the cinematic feel of My Sister, the Serial Killer and is constantly chasing the vibe of The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires. She is open to mysteries/thrillers with a light speculative element, such as The 7½ Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle. Speculative horror is a massive favorite of hers, anything from Ninth House to Manhunt. While she is not generally looking for romance, she is looking for romantic fantasy like A Marvellous Light.


For graphic novels, Shannon is looking for young adult fantasy that is grounded in our world like Hotel Dare and The Backstagers, ones that focus on found families, platonic relationships, and the power of friendship. Graphic novels are the only place Shannon is looking for general fiction submissions, particularly ones that deal with the complexity of identity like The Prince and the Dressmaker. She is also searching for adult personal nonfiction narratives about identity or mental health, like My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness. Lush and intricate art like Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me will always get their attention. Right now, she is only interested in taking on author/illustrators.


She is interested in select adult nonfiction proposals. She’s looking for memoirs about specialized careers and experiences like In the Dream House and Honey and Venom, as well as proposals on medicine, trauma, wildlife, nature, and mental health, such as The Sleeping Beauties and What My Bones Know. Readability and accessibility for the average reader is a must.


For more specific tropes, she’s interested in experimental styles and unreliable narrators. She is forever interested in the narrative gaslighting of Harrow the Ninth. Intense platonic interpersonal bonds are a particular favorite of hers; give her the physical manifestation of love à la Pacific Rim and she will be very happy. She likes underexplored magic systems and fantasy that doesn’t care if you understand it or not, like Gingerbread or The Starless Sea.

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