Shannon Hassan

Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

Hello! I am an agent at Marsal Lyon Literary representing authors of accessible literary and commercial fiction, middle grade fiction, and young adult fiction.  In general, I am drawn to fresh voices, compelling characters, and crisp prose.  Currently on my wish list:

For kids:

I represent MG and YA, and am open to a range of stories with authentic, memorable characters:

  • Heartfelt contemporary stories.
  • Humorous and quirky characters.
  • Magical or speculative twists–prefer real world setting.
  • Diverse perspectives.
  • Thrillers and mysteries.
  • Fresh takes on history.
  • Original POVs.

For adults:

  • “Book Club” reads that hit the sweet spot between literary and commercial.
  • Literary and upmarket suspense novels that are not espionage-based.
  • Stories of the American West.
  • Multicultural stories. Immigrant stories.
  • Historical fiction of all stripes, especially if offering a new perspective, or even a genre twist.
  • Women’s fiction that is heartfelt or humorous.
  • NOT looking for high fantasy for adults.

Give me a try!

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