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My Manuscript Wish List®

I am an agent focusing on picture books and graphic novels of all ages. I strongly believe that graphic novels should be seen as a medium, not a genre, and am looking to work with author/author-illustrators who are looking to explore the kinds of stories that can be told. I gravitate to books with strong characterization, with a voice that jumps off the page – characters I love (or love to hate!). That doesn’t mean that world-building means nothing, but I don’t enjoy getting bogged down by complex magic systems.
I also want to lift up narratives from BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled communities, but I do gravitate toward Latinx and queer stories, as well as those highlighting invisible disabilities.

Picture Books:
I love a fun lead protagonist, and books about big ideas, I love stories that highlight friendships, and families in all shapes and forms. I want books that respect the big feelings that kids at all ages feel.
I am also loving nonfiction, especially about Nature and science generally. I was raised on Bill Nye and want someone with that same kind of infectious enthusiasm.

Middle Grade:
Please send me your warm Studio Ghibli feelings! Soft fantasy, magic that tells us more about the world we dream about, as well as the one we live in now.
I also love spooky horror, ghost stories to things in the woods, or psychological horror that taps into societal anxieties

Young Adult and up:
I love romance, quippy friendships, and warm feelings. Trope-y, swoon-worthy romcoms are some of my favorites, but the relationship between the two leads has to be believable and something I want to root for.
Complicated friendships and messy relationships with your parents. I especially would love to see kids learning that their parents are just as messy and flawed as they are, but are still in their corner (or not!)
I am a big fan of speculative fiction, especially horror and sci-fi. Cyberpunk and Solarpunk are genres that specifically interest me at the moment, with an emphasis on the punk. I want your books with Altered Carbon vibes, and stories ready to radicalize.

Visit my Twitter to check out what I’m doing professionally and what I’m fangirling about at the moment.

Specific MSWL items I’m looking for:
Ensemble Casts
Found family
QPR (queer platonic relationships)
Time travel/multiverse jumping
Witch covens as femme solidarity
Non-traditional sports (roller derby, parkour, pro wrestling)
Tabletop RPGs (and it doesn’t just have to be D&D!)

I am not a good fit for stories that feature:
Suicide or suicidal idealization
Harm to animals
Sexual assault
Police violence
Picture books that just focus on morals or ‘lessons’

Fun facts about me:

  • I’ve been a cheerleader for roller derby for the last 7 years!
  • I’m Nuyorican, but can’t cook to save my life
  • I learned how to knit when I was 7, at a library knitting club where no one else was younger than 50

Submission Guidelines

I am open from the 1st to the 7th of each month, please submit your queries to:

For text-only queries: Please send your query letter and the first 20 scripted pages for graphic novels or, the full manuscript for picture books

For illustrators: Please include a link to your portfolio site

For author-illustrators: Please upload a dummy book or graphic novel proposal as a PDF

In cases where accommodation is needed, you can instead email me your query and first 20 scripted pages (both pasted into the email) or an attached dummy/proposal to, and include QUERY in the title of the email.

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