Sarah Homer

HarperCollins Publishers

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m always looking for stories by authors from marginalized communities. 

I love stories that have a fresh, immersive, and authentic voice; unexpected plot twists; a vivid setting that feels in itself like a character; a strong sense of urgency to keep me hooked; and a perfect balance of seriousness, humor, and poignancy. Above all, I’m drawn to unputdownable stories that evoke a strong emotional response.

I focus on traditional middle grade and young adult novels. Thematically, I love stories about the joys and complexities of family and friendship, finding community, and emotional explorations of identity. 

In MG, I’m looking for heartfelt and sweet contemporaries, stories with a fun touch of magic set in our world, and grounded, accessible fantasy, especially retellings of or spins on mythology or folklore. 

In YA, I’m drawn to contemporary and contemporary-with-a-magical-twist (less speculative, more grounded). I love characters who learn from their mistakes and grow into their strength and their true selves, nuanced depictions of complex relationships (familial, platonic, and romantic), a plot full of tension that shocks and surprises me (more psychologically intense than gory, please!), and fun and joyful romances with a strong, unique hook. 

Some buzzwords and concepts that almost always pique my interest: mysteries and whodunits, international travel, and characters who take on an advice-giving/therapist kind of role (bonus if that turns into borderline meddling–see Jane Austen’s Emma Woodhouse as an example).

I’m not the best editor for stories about eating disorders or stories with excessive gore/body horror and gratuitous depictions of physical violence. Please note that I’m not currently looking for picture book or chapter book submissions.

Fun facts about me:

For the last decade, my family’s annual Christmas card has been a spoof of a classic rock album cover. We’ve covered such classics as Abbey RoadQueen II, and Ramones.

Submission Guidelines

Unfortunately, HarperCollins doesn’t accept unagented submissions.

Agents, please email your pitch and the manuscript to me at Harper. Looking forward to hearing from you!