Sandra Proudman

Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

What am I looking for?

I am continuing to look to diversify my list this year as its important to me to continue to strive for all kids to see themselves on the page as the heroes of their own stories. I am especially looking for marginalized and underrepresented voices and am especially looking for clients from Middle Eastern, South Asian, South American, and Indigenous backgrounds.

PBs/Early Readers: I would love to sign an author-illustrator that is doing work like Flavia Z. Drogo or Ben Clanton. I love character-driven stories full of light and humor. I also really enjoy STEAM topics, so if there is a chance for a kiddo to learn in your work, that’s always a plus!

Middle Grade: I would love to find a graphic novelist that is working on a speculative project in the vein of Wendell and Wild or Sweet Tooth.

Young Adult: I am particularly looking for romcoms and horror/thrillers in this age group. In terms of horror, I like the entire genre and am OK with body horror.

Adult: I would love to find a horror like The Hacienda or Mexican Gothic. Or a beautifully written speculative story that’ll make me feel ALL of the feels.

Anything you shouldn’t send me?

Although I don’t have any triggers, please do include any trigger warnings in your query to me so I know what to expect. I really appreciate it!

I am not the best fit for straight historical fiction or sports stories that don’t have a speculative angle. At this moment, I am being incredibly selective in MG, so it might be best to try my colleagues at GZLA first!

Fun facts about me:

  • I have a high-energy toddler who keeps me on my toes
  • I can bake a mean five-star apple pie
  • I am also an author (Relit (out now), The House Where Death Lives (August ’24), Salvación (2025), and love to use what I’ve learned first hand to guide my clients.

Submission Guidelines

I am currently closed to unsolicited submissions likely until the summer or early fall! Though this could change. Please keep an eye out here and on my Twitter account for updates!