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My Manuscript Wish List®

After graduating with a degree in Professional Writing, I completed internships with Christian Indie Publishing Association and ArtHouse Literary Agency, which provided valuable insight into the publishing world. I am an editorial agent. ​I’m open to contemporary, historical fiction, thrillers, horror, speculative, fantasy, graphic novels, and sci-fi. I especially enjoy YA standalones. Regardless of genre, I am looking for books that have good pacing, worldbuilding that makes sense, and believable characters. Anything with a good hook will catch my attention.


Things I’m looking for but not limited to: 

  • Anything set in the Victorian Era
  • Books set in Alaska
  • Unique fairytales
  • house-with-personality (I’d love to see something inspired by the Winchester Mansion.)
  • A lower YA zombie apocalypse
  • All kinds of fantasy
  • Horror especially MG and YA
  • Found families/adoption themes
  • Contemporary that can make mundane conflicts feel intense
  • Graphic novels

Things I’m not looking for: 

  • I will rarely ever be interested in contemporary stories set in high school or college
  • Steep cliffhangers/endings that don’t resolve anything
  • Anything with on page sexual abuse
  • Antiheros/unlikable main characters
  • demons/vampires
  • Toxic relationships
  • Picture Books


I graduated with a minor in studio art and grew up reading graphic novel adaptations like The Last Unicorn and Percy Jackson along with originals like Rapunzel’s Revenge. I have a small amount of experience with formating graphic novel scripts from one of my internships. I’m looking for complete graphic novel scripts with or without illustrations.


You can find me on Instagram @beccalawrence_

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