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My Manuscript Wish List®

After graduating with a degree in Professional Writing, I completed internships with Christian Indie Publishing Association and ArtHouse Literary Agency, which provided valuable insight into the publishing world. I am an editorial agent. ​I’m open to contemporary, thrillers, horror, speculative, fantasy, graphic novels, and sci-fi. I especially enjoy YA standalones. Regardless of genre, I am looking for books that have good pacing, worldbuilding that makes sense, and believable characters. Anything with a good hook will catch my attention.


Things I’m looking for but not limited to: 

  • Fantasy horror
  • Anything set in the Victorian Era
  • Books set in Alaska
  • Unique fairytales
  • house-with-personality (I’d love to see something inspired by the Winchester Mansion.)
  • A lower YA zombie apocalypse
  • All kinds of fantasy
  • Horror especially MG and YA
  • Found families/adoption themes
  • Contemporary that can make mundane conflicts feel intense
  • Graphic novels

Things I’m highly selective with: 

  • MG
  • Stories centering around divorce/revenge
  • Adult science fiction
  • historical fiction

Things I’m not looking for: 

  • I will rarely ever be interested in contemporary stories set in high school or college
  • Steep cliffhangers/endings that don’t resolve anything
  • Anything with sexual abuse
  • Anything depressing
  • Antiheros/unlikable main characters
  • demons/vampires
  • Toxic relationships
  • Picture Books
  • Cults/religious commentaries


You can find me on Instagram @beccalawrence_

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