Rachel McCain

Gold Dust Literary

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Submission Guidelines

Rachel is currently CLOSED to submissions.

I am an agent with Gold Dust Literary accepting submissions of fiction and nonfiction. I have a background in journalism; before I joined publishing, I was a writer and an editor. Additionally, I also have a background in education (high school and post secondary). I have a keen eye for detail and a genuine love of storytelling. Right now, I am dedicated to building a list of compelling, thought-provoking novels that engage readers (and inspire future writers!)

I appreciate writers with a strong voice who know how to write a compelling plot. My interests are wide ranging, but if it’s a good story, it’s a good story.

I am particularly interested in:
-New Adult/YA Crossover (Contemporary)
-Adult Fiction (Commercial/Upmarket/Women’s)
-Nonfiction (Memoir/General/Investigative Journalism)*

*For journalism, previous bylines are a must.


-Sci Fi
-Middle Grade
-Pandemic stories
-Medical-based stories
-Previously self-published books
-Religious-themed stories

Unfortunately, I cannot respond to every submission. Please note that if you have not heard back from me within 12 weeks, I have declined the opportunity to represent your work at this time.

Guidelines & Details