Rach Crawford

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Rach represents literary fiction and narrative nonfiction, with a particular interest in LGBTQ+ perspectives across topics.

In nonfiction she is drawn above all else to lyrical writing and rigorous thinking, and is interested in climate change, nature, geopolitics, migration, pop culture, tech, and in works that might be defined as cultural anthropology—books that help us understand the world we live in now.

In fiction, as well as work that engages with the above topics, she has a particular soft spot for social horror, literary fiction that flirts with genre, working class characters, and intimate novels that burrow deep into the brain of one captivating weirdo.

Various other topics of interest: chosen family; cults/religion/belief; birds.  I also have a soft spot for stylishly-written, character-driven crime and mystery.


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Please send your query letter and the first twenty pages of your manuscript (for fiction) or your proposal (for nonfiction) via querymanager. (Note I no longer accept email queries.)

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