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I’m always looking for smart non-fiction.  I LOVE science books, so anything with a popular science bent gets my attention.  I’m particularly interested in behavioral psychology (e.g. Quiet, The Power of Habit, Stumbling on Happiness); animal science (e.g. Animal Madness, Animal Wise, Inside of a Dog); narrative or journalistic investigations about current issues (e.g., Lean In, The Sixth Extinction,  Omnivore’s Dilemma); and what I like to think of as the “gee-whiz” category—the kinds of books that just make you go “wow, that’s how the world works?!” (e.g. The Theoretical Minimum, This Is Your Brain on Music, Blink, Freakonomics).  I also like a good memoir that can introduce me to a whole new world, whether it’s beekeeping, life aboard a cruise ship, or an epic road trip.

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Non-Fiction: Journalism, Memoir, Psychology

Favorite sub-genres: Narrative Nonfiction
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