Peter Steinberg

Fletcher & Company

My Manuscript Wish List®

My list includes narrative non-fiction, commercial and literary fiction, memoir, self-help, history, pop culture, humor, and sports.

I can love nearly anything, if the storytelling is there. I try not to overthink it or intellectualize it. If I pick up a piece of material and I find myself immediately drawn into the world the writer has constructed, you’ve got me. If I can’t put it down, even though I have a million other things to read, you’ve got me. And this applies to non-fiction as well as fiction. I believe all books need: a strong story arc, fully-realized characters, excellent plotting, a perspective that feels new and alive, prose that sings but doesn’t get in the way and hopefully insight into what it means to be us.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

To query, please send a letter, brief synopsis, and the first 5-10 pages of the manuscript/proposal pasted into the body of the email to You should indicate the agent you are addressing the query to in the subject line.

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