Olivia (Liv) Turner


My Manuscript Wish List®

I am only accepting agented submissions at this time!

Hello there! As an assistant editor at Sourcebooks, I’m looking for a wide array of projects in both the adult fiction and nonfiction categories. I’m hungry for projects and interested in almost everything (seriously, just continue reading and you’ll see!), so I always say when in doubt, send it along!


Overall, I’m looking for adult fiction of all genres that hit the sweet spot between an unputdownable, commercial hook and literary, upmarket writing. I love character driven narratives that make me feel and think deeply, and I never shy away from emotional stories that make it impossible to continue on with my day. Whether it makes me laugh or makes me sob, I’m always looking for stories that make me feel immersed in new worlds, characters, and ideas!

I’m hungry for “twenty-something” upmarket and literary fiction, some favorites being The Idiot, Luster, Beautiful World, Where Are You, and Writers and Lovers. I love the exploration of the often tumultuous and uncomfortable event of growing up, and am especially interested in stories about women, LGBTQIA+, and marginalized communities. When paired with upmarket/literary writing and thought-provoking themes, I find this subcategory irresistible. And in this vein, I’m also always interested in contemporary fiction that explores current issues and topics and focuses on character growth and development and relationships, such as works like The Half Moon, Evil Eye, Demon Copperhead, and We All Want Impossible Things.

I’m a huge fan of nature and eco-literature! I love it when the setting acts almost like a character and plays a major role in the narrative. Whether these themes are in a literary fiction like The Vaster Wilds, a suspense like Birnam Wood or Once There Were Wolves, or even in a speculative novel like The Light Pirate, I’m keeping my eye out for stories that highlight and explore our relationships with the earth and nature.

Historical fiction! I can’t deny that I love history. I’m looking for projects set in unique and underrepresented times and places and am especially drawn to pre-Victorian era settings. Like most, I’m a huge fan of the retelling space, and am always looking for books that fall in the Circe and Clytemnestra sphere, that give a feminist exploration of an overlooked part of history.

Give me all the dark, gothic, genre-bending, projects! I love it when a story doesn’t fit neatly into any one box, and especially love stories that are on the darker side, like Motherthing, Rouge, Silver Nitrate, and Nightbitch. Going off of that, I’m incredibly drawn to magical realist/speculative stories that sprinkle a bit of magic on our everyday world! Some recent favorites being Weyward, Spells for Forgetting, and The Invisible Hour.

And speaking of magic and speculative – fantasy! I’m newly interested in commercial and upmarket fantasy and folklore projects in the vein of Ava Reid, V.E. Schwab, R.F. Kuang’s Babel, and Rachel Gillig. I love to be immersed in new worlds with a diverse cast of characters I can’t stop rooting for. That being said, epic fantasy and series-oriented projects might not be for me. I’m more interested in standalone works that have potential to grab both the fantasy and general fiction reader.


I’m looking for select commercial narrative nonfiction that teaches me about new and exciting things. I’m fascinated by pop-science, especially when exploring our climate, nature, gardening, etc. Like fiction, I’m drawn to stories that explore and highlight our unique relationships to the planet, some favorites including Braiding Sweetgrass, Fuzz, I Contain Multitudes, and Entangled Life. I also can’t resist a good adventure story – I love when people do exciting things outdoors!

I’m also looking for cultural criticism that’s accessible to mass audiences, such as works like Trick Mirror, Cultish, and How to Do Nothing. Brownie points if it’s about literature and books in any way!

Some specific wish list items:

  • An Appalachian setting. Please.
  • Mountains, mountains, more mountains. I’d love a bad ass female lead doing some wild things outdoors.
  • A “it’s 3 am and I can’t stop turning the page” kind of suspense novel. I’m good at guessing plot twists, so looking to be shocked!
  • Romantic B-plot: I’m a sucker for romance, what can I say. I’m not currently looking for traditional romances, but I can’t deny I want all the swoon-worthy romantic side-plots.
  • Mental health themes (neurodivergence, anxiety, etc.)
  • Pirates… the ocean… I dream of being Elizabeth Swann, alright?


Submissions should be emailed to olivia.turner@sourcebooks.com