Nour Sallam

P.S. Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

Hello! I’m an associate literary agent with P.S. Literary Agency. I am currently building my list in both fiction and non-fiction for adults.


In terms of fiction, I am seeking commercial and upmarket titles, contemporary fiction with fabulist elements, speculative fiction, edgy psychological thrillers, as well as mysteries, light horror and rom-coms featuring underrepresented characters of any background. I am also actively seeking character-driven stories featuring women in power, unhinged women, and female rage. I have a soft spot for unreliable narrators, family sagas with dysfunctional families silently navigating trauma, protagonists in their 20s-30s navigating adulthood, protagonists on the cusp of major life changes, and stories that focus on friendship dynamics.

I am actively seeking projects that feature complex and nuanced histories and power dynamics, address social and political issues, or center BIPOC characters. I am drawn to titles that explore the diverse experiences of underrepresented groups and challenge our understanding of diasporic experiences and/or cultures. Bonus points if the stories are also *fun* and celebrate joy alongside acknowledging trauma.


I welcome fresh and accessible perspectives on big ideas or industry deep dives as well as narrative nonfiction on pop culture, art, and nature. I  also appreciate books that offer incisive commentary on culture, socio-economic structures, corporate underbellies, health and wellness, and lifestyle. My taste in non-fiction gravitates towards books that generally challenge what we know or explain what we might not know.


  • Traditional memoir (I’m only seeking memoir plus)
  • Self-help
  • True crime
  • Epic fantasy with heavy worldbuilding
  • Historical fiction focused on WWI, WWII, or Cold War conspiracies and/or spy-adjacent books.
  • Political thrillers
  • Novellas
  • Poetry collections
  • Cookbooks
  • Kidlit/ YA


Especially seeking: 

  • BIPOC-centered narratives in these genres: psychological horror, horror, mystery, suspense, and thriller. 
  • Gen-Z/ Millennial financial literacy book, with accessible writing and information. 
  • Contemporary novel-in-stories where the characters are connected through one event, place, or person. 
  • The “unhinged woman” narrative with BIPOC characters. 
  • Heist story with high stakes and gritty tension. Think SIX OF CROWS for adults, minus the fantasy. 
  • Anything that you can read to the soundtrack of  Taylor Swift’s Reputation album. 

Tropes I love:

  • Found family 
  • Setting as character 
  • Child protagonists in adult fiction 
  • A slow burn will they/won’t they romance 
  • A second chance relationship (romantic or otherwise!)
  • Murder mysteries with a villainous victim

Fun facts about me:

You can visit my website for further information on my wishlist, submission guidelines, and FAQs. You can also find me on Instagram @nourhasbooks

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If you don’t receive a request for further material within 4-6 weeks it means it’s a pass from the agency.

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