Nina Leon

High Spot Literary

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m a junior agent building my list of adult, new adult, young adult, and middle grade fiction across all genres with a particular interest in fantasy.

Here are some of the things I’m on the hunt for:

  • For YA: I’d love a murder/crime/mystery in an unusual or unexpected setting, a thrust together group of friends, and an unexpected twist all wrapped up in a gripping and fast-paced package.
  • I’d love a story set in alternate Victorian/modern England (not limited to) that has elements of secret societies, magical realism, occult, and dark academia (I’m on the hunt for great dark academia!!)
  • I would love dark academia with a crime/mystery element to it. Maybe someone was murdered in the library.
  • I would love anything with a Tim Burton aesthetic. Make it spooky. Make it macabre. Make it dark. As long as it has strong atmospheric writing.
  • I’m searching for rom-coms with a lot of heart, humour, and perhaps a reminder that not everyone has their love life figured out.
  • I’m searching for an epic love story. I want to read about an all-consuming love that captures the reader’s heart- even if there is heartbreak involved (if you can capture how Bella felt when Edward left, I’d like to read it). I’m always on the hunt for something with the same heart as The Twilight Saga.
  • I’d like to see a regular teenager suddenly caught up in a world they didn’t know existed and falling for someone they shouldn’t have feelings for.
  • I love anything humorous that deals with pitfalls on being in your late teens (think The Sex Lives of College Girls)
  • I’m always hoping for modern retellings of Shakespeare, Victorian classics, Greek mythology, or fairy tales.
  • I would love a story in a non-Western setting, something dark, or a mirrored version of our world. A detailed magical/political system and a world that is run in accordance. I’m open to dystopian settings, but nothing with pandemic themes.
  • I love anything with magic and witches!
  • For new adult/adult: I’m looking for historical romance with a focus on the aristocracy/Regency era.
  • I’m also looking for a rom-com. I would love something deeper, yet humorous at the same time. I’d love to see someone discovering love again, pushing themselves out of their comfort zone or a journey of self-discovery with some unexpected suitors along the way.
  • I love anything within the gothic romance space: old manor houses and ghosts. Send me anything dark and atmospheric.
  • I would love a NA/A dark academia.
  • I love anything that deals with magical realms/Gods watching over the human realm (think The Sandman.)
  • I would love a crime/mystery. I’m open to either a high stakes detective story or a murder mystery in a sleepy village. I’m looking for something gripping, mysterious, and fast-paced.
  •  I’m always looking for something dark and spicy. Give me rich world building with elements of magical realism, general magic, or special abilities, characters being challenged and not always getting what they want, epic and unexpected twists, and deep romantically charged tension.
  • For middle grade: I’m drawn to darker plots, adventures to whimsical worlds, and characters who discover their bravery along the way. I also enjoy stories with humour, quirky characters, and magical creatures.

I’m always looking for stories with LGBTQ+, disabled, and minority group representation.

Random themes/things I enjoy in a story

  • Treasure hunting
  • Mermaids/the ocean
  • Magical/secret gardens
  • Mist. Just generally cold misty mountains/woods.
  • Scary stories
  • Cooking/baking
  • Boarding schools
  • Portal fantasy
  • Angels vs demons




Submission Guidelines

I am currently OPEN to queries.

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