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Nicole Luongo is an editor at Park Row Books. Nicole joined the Park Row team in 2021, after interning at Foundry Literary & Media, Pegasus Books, Blair Publishing, and Mango Publishing. On the fiction side, Nicole is drawn to voice-driven, contemporary upmarket “book club” fiction featuring strong female protagonists, psychological thrillers that subvert the genre (i.e. unreliable female narrators, female perpetrators, etc.) select coming-of-age stories and select historical fiction, with an emphasis across all genres on amplifying underrepresented voices. While she doesn’t acquire genre fiction, she loves genre-adjacent fiction—speculative fiction, magical realism (especially those based on cultural folklore), feminist dystopian, etc. She is very specifically looking for a novel set in Puerto Rico to pay homage to her heritage. Across all genre subsets, she is on the lookout for millennial and Gen Z voices, especially those that spark conversation around mental health. In the nonfiction space, Nicole is drawn to standout, accessible narrative nonfiction and compelling memoirs geared towards a female readership. 

Originally from Madison, CT, Nicole has a Joint Honors B.A. in English Literature and International Development, with a minor in Spanish, from McGill University. When she’s not reading, you can find her playing pick-up soccer, singing at open mics and watching too many dog videos. 

Fun facts about me:

I was born at 11:11!

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