Navah Wolfe

Saga Press, Simon & Schuster

My Manuscript Wish List®

Saga Press is publishing adult and young adult SF/F, so at the moment, I’m primarily looking for titles that will be sold in to the adult side of the market.  I’m mostly looking for adult titles, but am also interested in titles with crossover YA/adult appeal.

Some things that I’m looking for right now: I’m dying for a great commercial spaceshippy book.  I’d also love a female-centric epic fantasy (or any wonderful commercial epic fantasy, but especially a female-centric one). I’d also love a bromance (or a lady version of the same)—ie, a buddy/friendship story, along the lines of those old Xena/Hercules TV shows. I’m a sucker for a great caper, and I love alternate history with a twist. I also love stories that have a fairy tale kernel at their root. I’m a big fan of closed room mysteries (closed spaceship mysteries?) I love books that capture the “found family” motif (a la Firefly.) I’m also looking for horror/suspense, but with a very selective lens—I’d probably prefer something creepy and atmospheric with a satisfying reveal to something with a lot of gore.

Generally, I’m a total sucker for great characters, and I’ll follow a fantastic character pretty much anywhere.

Submission Guidelines

Please note that Saga Press is only open to agented submissions.

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