Natalie Lakosil

Looking Glass Literary & Media

My Manuscript Wish List®

Hi there! I am an agent at and founder of Looking Glass Literary & Media. I’ve been an agent since 2009. My specialties are all ages of children’s literature (fiction and nonfiction), adult cozy mystery/crime, upmarket women’s/general fiction, illustrators and adult nonfiction.

Across the board, I’m prioritizing projects by and about BIPOC and underrepresented voices. Within that, I’m particularly interested in projects with intersectionality, trans and disability rep, and ANYTHING by Native, First Nations and Indigenous authors. I’m also prioritizing stories of joy, where identity isn’t the focus.

In novels, I like historical (primarily 1800s-1920s), multi-cultural, own voice representation, magical realism, LGBTQ, strong female leads, sci-fi/fantasy, gritty, thrilling and darker contemporary novels, horror, and rom coms with really fresh hooks (but tried and true tropes like enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and stuck together welcome!!).

In picture books, I like short-texted (500 words or less), emotionally-resonant, quirky or character-driven. I’m not into super didactic (message-driven) texts, and like softer, lyrical bedtime books that are beautifully written and emotionally resonant. I love books with humor, strong voices, strong characters, and texts with fun, clever and unexpected twists at the end. Open to rhyme executed well, author/illustrator and text-only.

I look for unique perspectives and fresh ideas in nonfiction.  In children’s, I like picture book biographies, STEM topics, and texts exploring feminist and social issues. In adult, platform and innovation are key; I tend to like prescriptive titles in the areas of self-help, parenting, psychology, business, and science, and am also open to quirky gift and humor books, New Age titles, and nonfiction featuring under-represented voices.

I am not currently accepting new clients in adult romance or adult SFF, and do not represent inspirational novels, poetry, or screenplays.

Some specific current wishlist items:

  • Graphic Novels: contemporary MG with heart ala ROLLER GIRL, fresh and romantic featuring marginalized voices ala THE PRINCE AND THE DRESSMAKER, fantastical and whimsical ala A WHISKER AWAY. Open to all ages here: YA/MG/Chapter Books,  contemporary, historical and fantasy. Very keen to find nonfiction in this area as well.
  • PB: very selective here, and primarily focused on underrepresented voices in fun narratives. Most interested in nonfiction that isn’t a biography (open to that too, but the bar is REALLY high).
  • CB/MG: commercial plots with big hooks and characters that I want to be BFFs with (strong voice, strong personality). Books with magic and fantastical or speculative elements typically grab me the most!
  • YA: the next CEMETERY BOYS – trans rep steeped in rich, atmospheric writing and culture with magic; rom coms; novels with incredible hooks that can be pitched in one sentence
  • Adult nonfiction: prescriptive titles about subjects I’m passionate about; parenting, mental health, wellness, social justice, feminism, New Age always of interest. Books that basically say: “You do you; here’s how to do you best.”

I like highly engaging reads, whether that comes from an unforgettable voice or an unforgettable plot (though ideally both!). Not afraid to ugly cry from reading a book; I love novels that make me feel (scared, sappy, sad, a burning fire of justice – whatever it is, I want to really be sucked in and passionate!). Hooky and commercial. I am very plot-driven and like tightly paced works.

Fun facts about me:

Total cat person. Unicorn lover. Fierce Female. Mother of two tiny ones (human).

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to http://QueryMe.Online/natlak

PLEASE submit using this form!

You will need a query letter along with the first chapter of your manuscript and a synopsis.

Illustrators/Picture Books
Picture book submissions should include a short query along with the entire manuscript. Feel free to send 2-3 picture book submissions at one time (within the body of the text box on the form). Artwork is not required to submit a picture book text, but if you are an illustrator and/or seeking representation for artwork, please include a link to your online portfolio and a link to the online dummy. Please do not attach or email artwork.

Graphic Novels
You will need a query letter, outline, synopsis, and sample script (first chapter minimum). If you are the author/illustrator, please include character sketches and sample inked pages as well.

Adult Non-fiction
You will need a full proposal including a query letter and a sample chapter. For detailed guidelines on how to write a non-fiction proposal, please check out my blog.