Morgan Hughes

FinePrint Literary Management

My Manuscript Wish List®

*Please note that for all of the below, I’m looking for marginalized voices and characters.*

Picture Books

  • Sweet, lyrical stories
  • Smart (but age appropriate) humor

Middle Grade

  • Stories that center around themes of friendship and exciting adventures / journeys
  • “Found family” trope for a middle grade audience with an ensemble cast of characters
  • Voicey narratives that really get down on a young reader’s level
  • Characters learning their own agency in settings outside of their home like boarding school / camp or in a group activity (sports, theater, clubs, etc).
  • For MG graphic novels, I’d love to see a mystery or heist!

Young Adult

  • Sweet and funny romances that have readers kicking their feet, but each character is also overcoming something outside of their budding romantic relationship
  • Love triangles!!
  • Thriller / mysteries with unique settings
  • Boarding schools, camps, after-school jobs
  • For YA graphic novels, a fantasy / dark academia story would be intriguing!

New Adult

  • Magical colleges / universities / campus settings
  • Travel / wanderlust such as gap years or study abroad


  • Fantasy with heavy romance aspect
  • Sci-Fi *lite*
  • Light-hearted rom-coms, sweeping contemporary romances
  • Forbidden love
  • Thrillers/mysteries
  • Fresh conflicts and unique takes on tropes
  • Stories of women finding success
  • Book Club Fiction with high concepts
  • Travel / wanderlust
  • Family Sagas / complex family relationships (particularly among women)

In general, for Fantasy, I enjoy intricate world-building and a unique political system / conflict.

I am not a good fit for:

  • Historical Romance
  • Heavy Science Fiction (ex: space operas, military, aliens)
  • Non-Fiction
  • Animal deaths

Submission Guidelines

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