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My Manuscript Wish List®

VOICE: I start reading your manuscipt and I feel like I can see and feel what is happening in front of me.

It’s as if you are sitting across the table, I lean forward, I don’t want you to ever stop talking. Send me that book!



(1)Take me to a place I may have been –but never seen in the way you are showing it to me.

(2) Take me to a place I’ve NEVER been  and make me want to be with you there–or scare me from there with a vengeance.


FAMILY: Let me meet the family you’ve created and allow me to get involved with multiple relatives because they are so unique in voice,character or behavior.


SUSPENSE: Put me on the edge of my seat; leave me dangling at the end of a chapter…and most of all–make me curse you for keeping me up all night!


ELEGANCE OF EXPRESSION: Dazzle me with your descriptive technique, simple prose, or any outstanding element that defines your craft.


STORY,STORY, STORY… “location” it is always critical.


Things Meredith Likes In both Adult & YA


– Almost anything “out-of-the box” if you have the creds to support it.

– A really solid love story (not “romance”) with characters you can’t forget

– Malcolm Gladwell-esque “explorations”

– Journalism/Narrative non-fiction ala Elizabeth Gilbert, Laura Hillenbrand Jon Krakauer

– David Mitchell world building

– Junot Diaz…everything!..multiculture/humor/character/language

– Fashion/design

– Memoir, preferably that is not just abuse driven

– Humor in almost any form

– Commercial women’s fiction…book club ready or otherwise

– Literary fiction




These are a few of my favorite things….

Submission Guidelines

Please use the contact form on our website to submit your materials as outlined below.

In this genre we would appreciate a one-page query letter.

We will NOT open any attachments.

For this, please send a one-page query letter, a table of contents, and the reasons why you are an expert in this field, i.e., your platform etc.

All queries will be read, but ONLY the ones that we think are suitable for this agency will be responded to.

We will NOT open any attachments.

Please allow 2–3 weeks for our response.


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