Melissa Ann Singer


My Manuscript Wish List®

For the Nightfire imprint, I am looking for horror fiction of all types. Supernatural, psychological, body horror, serial killer, monsters both classic and new. I’m significantly interested in diversity in horror, in characters, in the source of the horror, and in the methods used to combat it. I cast a really wide net here–if it’s scary and/or unnerving, if it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up or makes you turn on the lights or makes you cringe in that special, thrilling way, it’s horror as far as I’m concerned. (That said, I am not the right editor for horror based heavily in Christianity, since I am not Christian and don’t really respond to those stories.)

For Tor Books, I am interested in fantasy and science fiction with an adventurous aspect. In both fantasy and science fiction, give me quests, bands of scrappy heroes out to right a wrong, conquerors and/or the resistance (sometimes the attempted conqueror is right), coming-of-age and coming-into-one’s-power (which happen to adults too), learning that everything you know is wrong, the meeting of two cultures, trade wars (and actual wars). In science fiction, I’m also interested in space exploration.  Eager to see non-European cultures, religions, and populations and their equivalents.

For Forge, I am interested in disaster fiction–both natural and man-made–and in mysteries. In mystery, I prefer a professional investigator of some kind to an amateur sleuth and I’m not the right editor for humorous mysteries. I am interested in historical fiction set outside Europe and the US, particularly along trade routes. I have a particular interest in Jewish characters and stories. I also love a good caper novel.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the books I edit include “found families” and strong friendships.

I want to see more novels that reflect the diversity of the world. Life is full of fascinating stories—as one of those native New Yorkers who loves striking up conversations with total strangers, I hear them all the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought, “that would make a great book!” That’s what I look for most in submissions—a story more people should know, characters more people should meet.

Fun facts about me:

I have a somewhat odd fascination with chickens.

Submission Guidelines

While I only accept agented manuscripts unless you have pitched to me in person at an event, Tor/Forge/Nightfire does accept unsolicited submissions. You can find our guidelines here:

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