Massimiliano Zantedeschi

Zantedeschi Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

In this period, I would be happy to find a fascinating biography, a story on the border between fiction and non-fiction, inspired by the magnificent works of Benjamín Labatut.
In the field of fiction for children and young adults, I am open to evaluating both unpublished and published works for the international market.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Please email a cover letter and provide a two-three pages synopsis -with ending if a novel, index if a biography/essay- along with the first two chapters of your work. Copy and paste letter, synopsis and chapters in the email body, as we won’t open unsolicited attachments. To avoid falling into spam, please begin the subject line with the word “Query”.

Please don’t query if you haven’t finished your work yet, be sure to include genre and word count in your letter, and let me know if you are sending your proposal to other agencies or publishers.
Unfortunately, I can’t respond personally to all submissions, but if I am interested in your work, I will certainly follow up by email within 8 weeks.

Vital Info