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Around 2013 I began transitioning from attorney to literary agent. Licensed in Texas, living in Austin, I’ve practiced entertainment, intellectual property, and civil rights law for 20+ years, representing hundreds of artists (platinum seller and Grammy® winners among them), entrepreneurs, and businesses, shopping artistic projects, drafting and negotiating entertainment contracts, securing trademarks and copyrights, licensing and selling intellectual properties, establishing businesses, litigating disputes. While I do maintain my Bar card, I am a full-time literary agent representing fiction and nonfiction. I am also a writer with two traditionally published novels to my name and I am always working on the next thing.

I’m particularly interested in literary fiction with propulsive storylines, commercial fiction that does something new, and nonfiction that fascinates and can spark individual and cultural change. I want a book to put me under its spell. A shortlist of clients includes Louisa Luna, Peter Benchley, Christian Picciolini, Gemma Amor, Laurent Bouzereau.

Fun facts about me:

I lyricized for and vocalized in an original, gigging rock band for a few years – while practicing solo rainmaker law.

Given my age, I’m a bit of a Halloween spaz. It’s sad really.

Football (aka “soccer”) is a thing: I coached girls rec for years, still play in a Sunday suicide league, and watch it a lot. #USWNT #USMNT #Barca

I really love being in a British pub.

Taos NM, New Orleans LA, and London UK have my heart.

Last three family Labrador names: Steve (RIP), Charles, Louis.

As a writer doing a book signing event, I have experienced the “empty chairs” phenomena.

As a writer doing a book signing event, I’ve experienced the “standing room only” phenomena.

I’m good at making my daughters laugh.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

1. No attachments.

2. E-mail your query plus the first chapter or so (in the body of the e-mail).

3. Please identify the genre and provide the word count.

For nonfiction, please send a query before a full proposal.

Only one book/proposal at a time, please.

(Realistically, it’s much better to submit Monday-Thursday.)

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