Marietta B. Zacker

Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

I am always on the lookout for visuals that reflect the world we live in, not the bubbles in which we put ourselves. I love images that make readers feel any emotion and shy away from those that set out to teach the reader a lesson (although I believe that you will inevitably learn something from any story!). I want readers to identify with the characters, which means that stories and illustrations need to focus on the perspective of the child or young adult, rather than the author’s or illustrator’s. Diversity must be inherent and authentic, not trendy. I want readers to be able to lose themselves in the pages of the books, to feel something as they read, to see themselves and to feel validated with the turn of every page. Without a doubt, there are many illustrators and author/illustrators who have stories to share and yet who have never felt there was room for their stories to shine. I am thrilled to shine that spotlight.

Fun facts about me:

I was born in Puerto Rico to a Panamanian mother and Cuban father. The Caribbean is home (out at sea, in particular — I might have been overheard saying that I was a mermaid in a former life!). I have worked in several bookstores (both indie and chain) and love the entire process a book goes through, from being created to being read. I have worked with authors and illustrators throughout my career — studying, creating, editing, marketing, teaching and selling their books.

I am a huge supporter of independent booksellers, I believe libraries are the key to keeping us all sane, I am a proud Latina, and I take pride in my work as the agent liaison of the WNDB organization (& I look forward to the day when diversity is so commonplace in our industry, that the organization is no longer needed!).

Aside from books (because, really?!?!?), some of the things that make me ecstatic as an individual are: eating ice cream, dancing, being underwater (and if not possible, then being near a body of water!), the feeling of sand on my feet, watching theater performances, being on stage, traveling, enjoying life to the fullest.


Submission Guidelines

At the Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency we represent people, not projects, and personally. I am currently focusing solely on adding illustrators and author/illustrators of children’s books to my client list. I make every attempt to respond within 6 weeks, sometimes I simply need more time, for a variety of reasons.

If you choose to submit to me, please note the following:

  • Please send to only one GZLA agent at a time.
  • All submissions must be sent through query manager. Whether I am open or not will be clear on the submissions page of our website.
  • If someone has referred you to me, please make sure they are aware of it before adding their name to the referral line.

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