Mara Delgado Sanchez

St. Martin's Publishing Group

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m always looking for diverse and #ownvoices stories in both, adult and YA. I’m interested in commercial fiction. I love high concept stories with a hook, richly imagined characters, a tight plot and a voice that drips off the page. I love stories with emotional resonance. I need to be invested in the characters, their relationships and the voice, and I want to come out of the book feeling differently than when I started it!

For adult, I’m looking for all types of category romance, rom coms, and love stories. I love character dynamics and relationships, whether they be romantic, family or friendship relationships.

I’m also looking for crossover fiction, whether it’s a contemporary or a fantasy. This space is so fascinating and I think there’s a lot of room to work with here.

For YA, I love any and all fantasy, whether it’s grim-dark or a light contemporary one. I especially love fantasy set in non-Western places. I love fairy tale, legends and myth retellings, exploring other cultures, and twists to historical events. I would truly love to see a Latinx fantasy and more Latinx stories in my inbox. I’d also love a YA set in Ancient Egypt, and I love archaeology and treasure hunting stories (taking into account the colonization aspect). I’m also looking for Gothic fantasies set in non-Western cultures. For contemporary YA, I’m looking for the light and fluffy kind; romcoms or stories where characters’ marginalization is not exactly the focus of the story.

Thrillers are not for me, so please direct those to my colleagues. I also don’t like situational stories (issue stories). I think these stories are incredibly important, and needed, but I would like to read stories where the marginalized voices and characters sail off into the sunset and live their best lives, whether it’s rescuing a dragon, or setting the world on fire.

For more specific insight, I keep a running list of specific concepts pinned to my Twitter profile, which I update regularly.

Submission Guidelines

I’m only accepting agented submissions at this time.


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