Maggie Sadler

Corvisiero Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

Maggie is actively building her client list with a distinct focus on adult fiction. Adventurous with a love of the weird and wild, Maggie seeks character-driven narratives in the literary and upmarket spaces, untold or underrepresented historical fiction, and ambitious storytellers who flirt with magic and mayhem.

Areas of Interest

  • Page-turning literary fiction with carefully crafted tension written in lyrical, artful prose
  • Genre-bending fiction with unusual or speculative flavors—let’s get weird
  • Upmarket fiction that explores nuanced, emotionally complex characters who possess unusual perspectives and diverse voices
  • Untold and/or underrepresented historical fiction (pre-twentieth century, please)
  • Grounded Magical Realism
  • Folk and fairy tale retellings—the more stunning the twist on the “original” text, the better
  • Maggie also welcomes the following in the narrative nonfiction space:
    • Travel narratives that depict remote locations and thought-provoking encounters in an authentic and intentional voice; she’s particularly fascinated with the concept of “slow travel”
    • Aesthetic-rich projects that orbit the spheres of wellness, holistic medicine, and women’s health
    • Work that marries a warm, rich storyteller’s register with ecological or naturalist themes

Maggie is NOT looking to acquire high fantasy, science fiction of any kind, commercial romance, political thrillers, or children’s books at this time.

Fun facts about me:

Professionally irrelevant but potentially charming tidbits:

  • I have called four different countries home, with each location being, coincidentally, coastal: USA, Scotland, The Gambia, and Canada (Newfoundland).
  • My horse Cooper is much more interesting than I am. His antics include but are not limited to drinking a tipple of brandy from a cup, wearing a variety of ridiculous hats, and enjoying music by his favorite artist, Prince.
  • I confess to being a serial hobbyist—yoga, watercolor painting, nautical instrument collecting, and mounted archery are a few of my recent quests.
  • I’m a sucker for trivia—my favorite topics/categories are the Golden Age of Piracy, “name that tune,” and films.
  • I am of the very firm opinion that the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy is solely about Elizabeth Swann, and I will die on that hill.

Submission Guidelines

Please review our Agents’ profiles to choose the Literary Agent who is the best fit for your genre/writing style. Once you’ve chosen the right agent for you, click on the SUBMIT WORK HERE button on their page to complete the Query Manager submission form.

Important Notes: 

  • PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT TO ONE CORVISIERO AGENT AT A TIME. A rejection from one agent is a rejection from the entire agency. Please do not query another agent unless expressly invited.
  • For fiction, we require a query letter along with a 1-2 page synopsis (includes spoilers and the ending) and the first 5-10 pages of your manuscript.
  • For non-fiction, you should include a full proposal (including a sample chapter), but make sure the Agent accepts non-fiction and follow their specific submission guidelines.
  • All sample pages must be properly formatted into 1-inch margins, double-spaced lines, and Times New Roman black font size 12.

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