Maggie Sadler

Corvisiero Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

Maggie is actively building her client list with a distinct focus on adult fiction. Adventurous with a love of the weird and wild, Maggie seeks character-driven narratives in the literary and upmarket spaces, untold or underrepresented historical fiction, and ambitious storytellers who flirt with magic, maximalism, and mayhem.

Areas of Interest

  • Literary fiction written in lyrical, artful prose with carefully crafted tension
  • Literary fiction with speculative flavors—let’s get weird
  • Upmarket fiction, especially with emotionally complex characters who explore evocative settings
  • Untold and/or underrepresented historical fiction (pre-twentieth century, please)
  • Urban Fantasy/Magical Realism rooted in our reality
  • Folk and fairy tale retellings—the more stunning the twist, the better

An experienced traveler, Maggie also welcomes nonfiction travel narratives depicting remote locations and thought-provoking encounters in a raw, authentic, and intentional narrative voice.

Maggie is not looking to acquire high fantasy, hard sci-fi, commercial romance, or children’s books at this time.

Fun facts about me:

Professionally irrelevant but potentially charming tidbits:

  • I have called four different countries home: USA, Scotland, The Gambia, and Canada (Newfoundland). Never ask me what my accent is because I’m not sure, either.
  • My horse Cooper is much more interesting than I am. His antics include but are not limited to drinking a tipple of brandy from a cup, wearing a variety of ridiculous hats, and enjoying music by his favorite artist, Prince.
  • I confess to being a serial hobbyist—knitting, Zumba, kombucha brewing, film photography, watercolor painting, nautical instrument collecting, mounted archery, and fly fishing are a few of my recent quests.
  • I am of the very firm opinion that the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy is solely about Elizabeth Swann, and I will die on that hill.

Submission Guidelines

Please review our Agents’ profiles to choose the Literary Agent who is the best fit for your genre/writing style. Once you’ve chosen the right agent for you, click on the SUBMIT WORK HERE button on their page to complete the Query Manager submission form.

Important Notes: 

  • Please only submit to one Corvisiero Agent at a time. A rejection from one agent is a rejection from the entire agency. Please do not query another agent unless expressly invited.
  • For fiction, we require a query letter along with a 1-2 page synopsis (includes spoilers and the ending) and the first 5-10 pages of your manuscript.
  • For non-fiction, you should include a full proposal (including a sample chapter), but make sure the Agent accepts non-fiction and follow their specific submission guidelines.
  • All sample pages must be properly formatted into 1-inch margins, double-spaced lines, and Times New Roman black font size 12.

Guidelines & Details

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