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NOTE: Lynnette will be closing to queries April 30, 2024.

About Lynnette: Lynnette Novak is an agent at The Seymour Agency.

Prior to joining The Seymour Agency, Lynnette spent seventeen years freelance editing. She worked with new writers, advanced writers, as well as New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. Lynnette earned a bachelor of education degree from the University of Manitoba, where she specialized in English and French. She excelled in Advanced Creative Writing in university and studied writing for children and teens through the Institute of Children’s Literature. She was a Pitch Wars mentor in 2015 and 2016. Both her mentees acquired an agent. Lynnette has since closed her editing business and is excited to bring her passion for the written word to agenting.

Although Lynnette was born and raised Manitoba, Canada, she now lives in Minnesota with her husband, twin girls, and many pets. Her personal interests include reading, writing, exercising at the gym (okay, that’s a love/hate relationship), working on an assortment of crafts, all things having to do with animals (if she could own a farm, zoo, and animal shelter, she would), and enjoying time with family and friends.

She loves dark and suspenseful, mysterious twists, unique worlds, light and funny, a good love story, and lots of voice.

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Currently looking for: (Always looking for BIPOC, diversity of all kinds, and LGBTQ+!!!)

Picture books: fiction and nonfiction picture books (non-rhyming preferred).

MG genres: horror, contemporary, mystery, magical realism, contemporary/grounded fantasy

YA genres: horror, rom-com, thriller, romantic fantasy, fantasy, magical realism

Adult fiction genres: thriller, psychological suspense, horror, mystery (traditional and amateur sleuth)

Adult nonfiction genres: memoirs, spirituality/New Age, self-help, health/fitness, parenting/family, motivational/inspirational, business, celebrity, lifestyle, pets, psychology, relationships & dating, and true crime. You must be an expert in the field and have a platform.

What kind of platform do you need for nonfiction? Are you a celebrity with a story to tell? An expert in the field (doctor, CEO, trainer, psychologist, etc.)? Do you have a direct route to the consumer? Are you a social influencer or public speaker?

To Query:

Not Looking For: Romance, women’s fiction, Christian fiction, historical, sci-fi in any age group, adult fantasy, or graphic novels.

Specific #MSWL:


I want to see these picture books:

-diversity, where that’s not the plot

-SEL with humor

-informational fiction


-gender expression

-body positivity

-found family

-STEM with SEL


-BIPOC, (Where are all the indigenous stories?)




-uplifting, silly, and fun

-holiday stories (but no Santa)

I do NOT want PB stories about:


-food stories

-grandparent/grandchild stories unless truly UNIQUE

-hair or skin



-and no nonfiction biographies



I want to see these middle grade stories:

-BIPOC (especially indigenous stories)

-coming-of-age/pre-teen struggles

-LGBTQ+ (especially trans, sapphic, bisexual, and asexual)

-body positivity

-family, found family


-choosing to leave a bad friendship

-wanting to fit in/loneliness

-humor with heart

-1st crush/flirting



I want to see these young adult stories:

-BIPOC (especially indigenous stories)

-LGBTQ+ (especially trans, sapphic, bisexual, and asexual)

-dark and gritty contemporary

-psychological thriller

-unreliable narrator



-rom-com with big hook and witty banter

-mystery-leaning thriller (think Knives Out)

-escape room vibe/stranded on island vibe

-body positivity


Adult Fiction

I want to see these adult fiction stories:

-domestic thrillers

-psychological thrillers/suspense

-haunting, thought-provoking thrillers

-strong female leads

-morally-complex characters

-locked-room type mysteries

-character-driven mysteries, where the protagonist’s growth is as interesting as the mystery

-psychological horror


Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

NOTE: Lynnette will close to queries April 30, 2024.

Query Lynnette at:

Only requested materials will be accepted through email. Queries MUST go through Query Manager.

Please paste your query and first five pages in the body of the email. Thanks!

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