Lydia Shamah

Carol Mann Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m looking for edgy and enchanting page-turners written with a light hand. I always enjoy strong female characters, and have a thing for unreliable narrators. Strong world building is a must, whether your novel is set in New York City, a small town I’ve never visited, a unique fantasy world, or the future. I love a timely story inspired by the headlines. I want strong concepts and big hooks that feel completely fresh.

For adult fiction I’m particularly interested in psychological thrillers. In YA and Crossover I want alternate worlds that are totally unique; fun retellings of classics and fairytales; romances that take me back to the exciting, painful experience of falling in (and out of) love for the first time; and adventurous fantasy. I’m not afraid to get dark or spooky.

When it comes to nonfiction I’m looking for authors who are already gaining a following by challenging the conventional thinking in their area of expertise or industry whether that’s business, health, relationships, psychology, science, self-help… I’m a huge fan of amazing true stories and well researched journalistic nonfiction.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Fiction Query guidelines: An query letter with a short author bio and the first 25 pages.

Non-Fiction Query guidelines: A query letter and synopsis of your project. Please include your bio, target audience and competitive titles. Hook me with a strong concept and your platform.

Vital Info