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Lucy Hamilburg is a literary agent in Los Angeles. Formerly, as a teacher, she worked toward the goal of motivating young people to love books. Lucy put great time and passion into curating a classroom library with a core foundation of equity and inclusion. Teaching allowed Lucy to pass on her love of books to her students and to instill in them that special sense of connection to story, to see themselves in the characters. As an agent, she uses her experiences to create long lasting relationships with her clients, editors, and publishers, to represent work that amplifies voice driven work, and most importantly, inspires and sustains life-long readers.

Submission Guidelines

Lucy is looking for picture books, middle grade, and young adult fiction. As a former middle school teacher, she knows what flies off the shelves and is always seeking novels, graphic novels, lyrical prose, and picture books that make kids and young adults laugh out loud and simultaneously pull at their heart strings

Lucy is interested in books that cover universal experiences in humanity from authentic intersectional perspectives. She is drawn to character and voice driven narratives that examine relatable and real life issues that may be intertwined with magical realism or bits of fantasy, a combination of Jason Reynolds and B.B. Alston. She is a sucker for a series with well developed secondary characters as well as characters exploring their identity. She is also looking for page-turners with a strong hook – plots that would put her former students on the edges of their seats. Most importantly, Lucy strives to represent books that inspire empathy and empowerment through authentic perspectives while connecting and relating to all young readers.

She is open to all genres and categories including fantasy, suspense/thriller, romance, contemporary, humor, paranormal, historical fiction, and everything in between.

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