Lois Evans

Make Me A World (Random House Children's Books)

My Manuscript Wish List®

Hi! I’m looking for fresh, character-driven stories across all age categories. I am most interested in subversive stories that make the mundane magical–narratives that not only exist outside of the box, but break it altogether. I’m especially passionate about stories that center the experiences of people of color as they intersect with themes like class, gender/sexuality, and migration. Generally speaking, the more Studio Ghibli vibes a story has, the better. By which I mean: stories that take their readers seriously and trusts young readers to hold complicated themes without sacrificing silliness or happiness. I am not looking for biographies of historical figures or narratives about underserved communities that center white readers. 

Regarding picture books, I love working on stories about casual representation/diversity. I love when creators tell stories free of explanatory commas by and for the communities that they come from. I welcome anything whimsical, weird, heartfelt, and specific—stories that are for the reader with big thoughts and bigger feelings. 

In middle grade and YA, I’m attracted to books that challenge the status quo and experiment while grounding readers in tight, engaging prose. I’d love to see books that reframe reality and offer sharp, voice-y visions of a world that’s new or push readers to explore the complications of the world they think they know. 

Fun facts about me:

I worked at the Jones Beach concession stand and Dylan’s Candy Bar in college. I was in Al Roker’s Book Club for Kids in the late-aughts. I grew up with a grandparent in the house. Importantly, I am a middle child.

Submission Guidelines

I only accept agented submissions.