Logan Harper

Jane Rotrosen Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m seeking immersive, character-driven adult fiction across a range of genres, including literary fiction, upmarket fiction, book club fiction, contemporary romance, romcoms, mystery/crime with a strong hook, gothic and speculative horror, and high-concept suspense and thrillers.

A few things I’m particularly hungry for:

  • Messy family dramas with characters you can’t help but root for, no matter how much you don’t want to;
  • Unputdownable romance, from romcoms like Emily Henry’s to something on the heavier, emotional side, like SEVEN DAYS IN JUNE by Tia Williams;
  • Family sagas disguised as horror stories, à la THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE;
  • Stories about powerful female friendships and relationships;
  • Social commentary with a speculative edge, in the style of Jordan Peele’s work or SEVERANCE;
  • Dark, twisty suspense & thrillers;
  • Good people doing bad things, along the lines of the BAD SISTERS tv show;
  • Anything that blends genres in a sharp and smart way.

Across the board, I’m always eager to represent and champion underrepresented voices and perspectives.

Fun facts about me:

I grew up in Washington State and attended the University of Washington in Seattle. Go Dawgs! (I would also love a project set in the PNW!)

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to lharper@janerotrosen.com


  • a concise description of your work

  • relevant biographical information

  • previous publishing history

  • for fiction: a synopsis and the first three chapters of your work

  • for nonfiction: a proposal and sample chapters

Please note, we do not currently accept plays, screenplays, children’s picture books, or any queries sent by mail. We thank you for your patience as you await our response.

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