Lizz Nagle

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My Manuscript Wish List®

Lizz Nagle double majored in English and Communication at Cedar Crest College where she also studied creative writing and found her footing for her career path today. While at Cedar Crest Lizz held multiple editing positions at the Crestiad, the campus newspaper and In Other Words, the college lit mag. She was also an active member, secretary, and then president of Preterite, the literary club on campus.

Lizz began her publishing career right here at Victress Literary under the mentorship of Shannon Orso, where she quickly grew into the roles of junior and senior agent.

What is Lizz looking for?

For YA and MG I’m looking for contemporary, diverse, underrepresented stories with messy, resilient characters driving the show. Bonus points for a mystery, adventure, or thriller element.

For Adult I’m looking for psychological thrillers, domestic suspense/mysteries, and historical fiction.

Always bonus points for: LGBTQIA+, inclusivity, found families, physical disabilities, grief, addiction, dark and twisty, characters questioning the status quo and deepening their understanding of the human condition.

Plus all of your thought-provoking, laughter-inducing, social-movement inspiring narrative nonfiction.


Submission Guidelines

Queries must be sent through our Query Manager. Any queries that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.

I like when people are personal and not too uptight. Be yourself in your bio. I want to get to know your personality a bit in that paragraph. Mention any connection you have to me or the agency. Most important thing to include in your query letter: the hook and the stakes. Then include a short “about the book” summary (not the entire plot, save that for the synopsis).

Prepare the following items for your FICTION query:

  • A query letter including what makes your book unique
  • An Author bio
  • A 1-2 page synopsis including genre and word count
  • The first chapter of your book

Prepare the following items for your NON-FICTION query:

  • A brief, 1-2 paragraph synopsis
  • Your bio or resume specifying credentials and publication credits, if any
  • A complete table of contents plus page and word counts
  • 2 sample chapters, excluding the first two
  • A description of your target audience
  • One paragraph on your book’s unique advantages
  • A list of competing, comparable titles and how your book differs

Please do not send complete manuscripts until requested.

Guidelines & Details