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I’ve always had a passion for reading wildly immersive, character-driven novels and developed a love for storytelling when my next-door neighbor introduced me to NaNoWriMo back in 2010!

Now as an Associate Agent at CMA, I’m absolutely ecstatic that I now have a chance to champion new voices in the industry who have the potential to make an impact on other people’s lives. I’m looking for character-driven stories, compelling premises, fantastically immersive settings, and most of all — I want to find that next unputdownable story I can’t stop raving to my friends and family about! I’m particularly interested in:

  • Stories written by authors who identify with a marginalized or traditionally underrepresented group
  • A strong voice — this is especially important to me; I want to be fully immersed in the mind and world of the main character
  • Well-developed, complex, and/or flawed main characters
  • Enthralling, robustly-structured plots that are full of twists and tension
  • Witty banter, and well-written dialogue
  • Prose that makes me want to laugh, cry, or think about life more deeply (I want to feel ALL the feelings)
  • For SFF — creative, well-thought-out magic systems, as well as unique sci-fi elements that really make a story stand out in the genre


I’m especially on the lookout for a well constructed heist, books where nature/settings are sentient, as well as books that involve characters unraveling a puzzle or a conspiracy. If your story has a music-related or computer science-based magic system, I want to see it! I’m also really interested in representing stories that focus on and/or are written by underrepresented voices and authors from a diverse set of cultures and backgrounds, such as BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, disability, and mental health issues.


All genres can include romance, but I like when the story is multi-faceted

  • Women’s Fiction

  • Literary and Coming-of-age

  • Contemporary/Upmarket Fiction

  • Horror/Paranormal

    • All things eerie and atmospheric, paranormal, monsters 

    • Not a huge fan of gore

  • Mystery/Thriller (Bring on the twists & turns!)

    • Spies & Espionage

    • Small-town settings and eerie atmospheres (think Sharp Objects)

    • Race against time

    • Innovative whodunits (think Glass Onion, Knives out, and The White Lotus)

  • Mythological/Fairy Tale/Classics Retellings and Reimaginings

  • Dark Academia 


  • Sci-Fi 

    • Anything from a light touch of sci-fi, to dystopian, to space-based settings, to a full on space opera

    • Multiple timelines

    • Sci-Fantasy (Gideon the Ninth and The Fifth Season are my all time favorite books)

    • Sci-Fi Thrillers (think Project Hail Mary or Recursion)

  • Slipstream

  • Magical Realism

  • Fantasy

    • Light and/or Whimsical Fantasy

    • Urban and Paranormal Fantasy

    • Romantasy

    • Different worlds and high fantasy (think Foundryside or Mistborn)

    • Historical Fantasy


All genres can include romance, but I like when the story is multi-faceted

  • Contemporary/Upmarket


  • Mystery/Thriller

    • Small-town settings and eerie atmospheres

    • Race against time

    • Whodunits and character unraveling conspiracies

  • Dark Academia

  • Mythological/Fairy Tale/Classics Retellings and Reimaginings

  • Sci-Fi 

    • Anything from a light touch of sci-fi, to dystopian, to space-based settings

    • Adventures and races against time

  • Fantasy 

    • Light Touch and Urban Fantasy

    • Paranormal/Supernatural (The Bone Houses, Cemetery Boys)

    • Different worlds, Low and some High Fantasy (Six of Crows and Strange the Dreamer are some favorites of mine)

Middle Grade

  • LGBTQIA+ (The Language of Seabirds)

  • Mythological/Fairy Tale/Classics Retellings and Reimaginings

  • Sci-Fi — more of a light touch

  • Huge fan of puzzle, conspiracy, and adventure stories (The York series, The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne)

  • Fantasy — 

    • Light touch to high fantasy, with innovative, yet digestible magic systems

  • Mystery/Thriller/Horror

Not Looking For

  • Children’s picture or chapter books
  • Military thrillers
  • Nonfiction projects 

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