Liseanne Miller

Global Lion

My Manuscript Wish List®

Global Lion has represented books of all genres during its tenure. I am looking for a wide range of material particularly from authors who have a vision for their book and have the ability to market it. Books with film and TV potential are preferable as well as authors who are or are planning on being prolific. I will read everything from True Crime to self help and I also love a good novel.

Fun facts about me:

I recently completed a swimming goal of 10,000 laps.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

We are accepting submissions for all genres, including but not limited to commercial fiction and non-fiction, education, self-help, business, technology, fantasy, science fiction, intriguing studies of interesting subjects, art, and “making of” books on the film and television industry.

Whether this is your debut novel, or you’ve been published for twenty-plus years, we want to hear from you. We welcome all voices, genders, ages, sexualities and ethnicities. We believe in powerful storytelling and want to help give you a platform.

Include the following in your query submission:

  1. Your full name and your preferred email address (only list one email address)
  2. A synopsis of your query, one page or less. Please include the title, genre, plot summary, themes, and envisioned audience.
  3. A sample chapter, approximately 20 pages will be sufficient; if this is unavailable, a chapter synopsis is also acceptable.
  4. A short author biography.
  5. Links to your social media outlets and/or website urls if you have them. We will only consider one work per author at a time. Please send your query to email, and be patient as we review your submission.

Global Lion Intellectual Property Management. Inc. accepts exclusive submissions only. If your work is under consideration by another agency, please do not submit it to us.