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Pineapple Press, an imprint of Globe Pequot

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Hello! My name is Lauren Younker, and I am the Acquisitions Editor for Pineapple Press, an imprint of Globe Pequot (the trade division of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.). Pineapple Press is a Florida-based publication that publishes work only about Florida.

I love working in editorial and being involved in the publishing process from signing a new book or revision to publication. Working for Pineapple Press has allowed me to connect even further with the state of Florida, the place I was born and raised! As a South Floridian living in Boca Raton, it’s great to read work from authors all over the state.

Founded in 1982 by June and David Cussen, Pineapple Press made a name for itself as a publisher of quality books on Florida and the American Southeast. Most of our subject areas include gardening, nature, art, folklore, history, travel, and real estate law, among other subjects. Pineapple also publishes some children’s books and a small amount of Florida-specific fiction, including the famous Cracker Westerns books. The list is predominantly nonfiction, but I am trying to break into the fiction sphere little by little. The best-selling A Land Remembered (1984) by Patrick D. Smith is a Florida public school staple in history classes.

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Pronouns: She/her

Twitter: @LaurenNYounker

Instagram: @lauren.n.younker

Fun facts about me:

I have a cat named Sarada and she’s my editing buddy. Whatever I read, you can expect her to be up on my desk or my lap joining me! I love living in Florida and being able to go outside year-round, and I love going to the beach.

When I’m not working, you can find me reading, watching movies or tv, playing video games, or going out and trying new restaurants in Miami. I’ve recently picked up cross stitching and love it! I also love being around animals and have been vegan since 2014 (and was a vegetarian for years before that!). If I wasn’t working in the publishing industry, I would be working with animals.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

The best books on the best that Florida has to offer, from its long history to its precious natural treasures.

Please provide the following with your proposal package:

  • A brief biography of the author with a focus on why the author is the best person to write the proposed book
  • A 300 to 500 word summary of the book’s contents/purpose to include the following:
    • What is the book’s central theme?
    • Who is the intended audience?
    • Where can you imagine the book selling– offer information about bookstores, museums, and shelf categories within those stores (gifts, history, memoir, etc.)?
  • An outline or table of contents
  • Sample text– one or two chapters and introduction. If the manuscript is complete, sending the full manuscript is available.
  • Sample photography, maps, or other artwork
  • A list of comparable titles in the market, focusing on books published since 2016; older titles only if they directly relate to the proposed book
  • Proposed timeline for completion
  • Proposed length in number of words

Additionally, if your work or any part of it has been previously published, please provide that information.

Proposal Formatting Tips:

  • Please make sure your proposal material is submitted in Times New Roman, size 12 font
    • The layout should be double-spaced
  • Please do not send proposals through the Globe Pequot or Rowman & Littlefield offices
    • Because we are a Florida press with all staff working remotely out of the state, we will not get your proposal if it is mailed
  • For sample material (or full manuscript), please place rough callout of where you would like artwork to go
    • While this may change between the proposal and the final manuscript stage, it gives us a good idea of what kind of artwork will be in the book, where it will go, and how frequent it appears in each chapter
    • Example callout: [Insert Photo 1.1]

Guidelines & Details