Laura Stone

Blue Ridge Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

My favorite genres are cozy mysteries with quirky but believable characters, fun romances with strong leads who are willing to work through real issues, dystopian and post-apocalyptic YA novels, well-written fantasy, and relic or artifact action/adventure. I’m looking for memorable characters and stories that drag me into the emotion and action and keep me turning pages until the wee hours.

I have a background as an acquiring editor for a mid-sized publishing house; an award-winning reporter and managing editor for a newspaper; a professional freelance editor, mentor, and writing coach; and a traditionally published author.

For MG, I’m looking for all sub-genres.

For adults, I’m looking for mystery, romance, and action/adventure.

For a more detailed listing of what I am looking for, please see my submissions page on our agency website.

Fun facts about me:

I live on the largest lake in South Carolina with four rescue dogs and the love of my life. In the rare spare moments when I am not working, I write my own novels, bead, cross-stitch and create cross-stitch patterns, crochet, and play on the lake with my husband and dogs.

Submission Guidelines

Please follow the Submission Guidelines or your query will be deleted.

I do not represent previously published works, including self-published or website published. Please read the specific genres/sub-genres I represent on my agency page. I do not require exclusivity on submissions.

Your Query must include:

  • Your real name and your pseudonym if you are not writing under your real name
  • Phone number and E-mail address
  • Manuscript Title
  • Genre (including sub-genre)
  • Word Count (NOT page count)
  • Number of Points of View telling the story
  • Marketing Plans
  • For ROMANCE, please give heat level
  • 1-2 page Synopsis in 12 point Times New Roman font that tells story from beginning to end with all major events of the story. Don’t leave out the ending because you want me to be surprised. This will result in rejection.
  • First three chapters (uploaded)

Prior to querying, your manuscript should:

  • be edited
  • be completed
  • be double spaced with 1″ margins
  • have chapters begin on a new page
  • have chapter headings
  • be in Times New Roman font
  • be in font size 12
  • be in black font color
  • be told in first or third person
  • be in past tense, not present tense (I ran, he said, they went, not I walk, he thinks, she laughs)
  • be an appropriate novel length for your genre/sub-genre

Guidelines & Details

Vital Info