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I am a prescriptive and narrative nonfiction editor at Alcove Press. I specialize in innovative nonfiction that helps readers live fulfilling lives, broadens their understanding of the world, and empowers them to become the best version of themselves.

Books have educated me, enlightened me, and transported me. When I need an answer or an escape, when I need to feel understood, or when I need to laugh, I turn to books first. As an editor, I am passionate about books that provide this experience for other readers. I edit books that help others, whether they reveal a hard truth, present a clear solution to an everyday problem, or transport readers to a rich and wonderful world. If a book takes the reader along a journey–whether it be a revelation about the world around them, a path to self-discovery and personal development, or a deeper understanding of the human experience–it’s the right book for me.

Prescriptive and practical nonfiction

I am looking for prescriptive nonfiction in the areas of self-help/psychology, health & wellness, careers, parenting, relationships, inspiration, and mind/body/spirit.

I am most drawn to projects that keenly tap into what readers really need. What are people searching for? And are the books currently on the market delivering that to them? If it is, is that book outdated? If it’s not, can you deliver that book? The books that can do this with accuracy are the ones that distinguish themselves in a crowded market.

For all prescriptive nonfiction, I’m looking for projects that have a clear audience, and present a smart and innovative solution to an identified problem for its audience. In self-help and psychology, I am looking especially for projects covering self-discovery and self-actualization, mental health, mindfulness, and books that help people change the way they think or create new habits to change their lives. In health & wellness, I am looking for projects that provide proven, science-based solutions to health problems, particularly in the areas of exercise (yoga, weight training, running, etc.) and emotional health, and selectively in diet. In careers, I am looking for books that help people navigate the transition from college to full-time work, career changes, promotions or lateral moves, work/life balance, and the day-to-day realities of work life. In parenting, I am looking for projects for parents of kids of all ages, with a preference for broader approaches rather than the hyper-specific. In relationships, I am looking for books about all kinds of relationships, with special interest in books about friendships. In inspirational, I’m looking for projects that uplift and inspire as its primary solution to the problem, with a clear structure and focus on helping the reader find the path that is best for them. In mind/body/spirit, I am looking for books in the areas of general spirituality, mindfulness, enlightenment, and and physical practices that relate to the desire for enlightenment.

Narrative nonfiction and memoir

I am looking for narrative nonfiction and memoir that tap into what people are experiencing, interested in, and talking about. I am mostly looking for investigative narrative projects by journalists or experts that are deeply researched. Authors of these projects speak to other experts and folks with first-hand experience in the subject to paint a full picture of the issue at hand. Oftentimes, there’s a call to action for organizations, government, or humanity to make a sweeping change. Other times, the author provides more personalized solutions for the reader. Every time, the book leaves readers thinking more critically and deeply about the world around them. I am especially interested in investigative books that explore themes of feminism, equality, and social justice in all areas of life–from healthcare to technology to family life to the workplace.

I love seeing beautifully written, propulsive memoir in my inbox. The story should read like a novel, the characters should jump off the page, and it should also speak (to varying degrees) to what’s going on in the world now.

While I primarily acquire for Alcove Press, I would love to see smart true crime in my inbox to acquire for Crooked Lane Books. True crime books with a memoir element are especially of interest. Books about a single character or case, or cases that have clear connections, whether it be location or the run up or aftermath of a major historical event, are all great for Crooked Lane.

I would also love to see history, primarily stories about spectacular and world-changing women, LGBTQIA+ folks, and people of color innovators and creatives.

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For unagented submissions, please follow the Submissions Guidelines listed on the Alcove Press website: Send your query letter, along with the first two chapters of your manuscript pasted in the body of your email, to Be sure to include your contact information as well. Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to every query. We will contact you within two weeks if we are interested in reading further.

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