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With over twenty-five years of publishing experience, Kim has worked with award winners and bestsellers in a variety of genres, including women’s fiction, mystery, young adult and romance.  For more information on some of  her current clients and recent deals, go here:

Currently seeking:

  • Fresh, unique romantic comedies 
  • Fun, quirky commercial women’s fiction that also packs an emotional punch
  • #Ownvoices in women’s fiction and romance, and as an autism mom, I’m especially interested in finding more stories featuring neurodiverse characters, as well as those with disabilities
  • Gothic suspense/women’s fiction that is steeped in atmosphere and creepiness, but doesn’t quite cross the line into horror
  • Diverse contemporary or historical romance/women’s fiction — would love something in the vein of “Sylvie’s Love”

Fun facts about me:

Started in the industry as an editor at Berkley Publishing

Developed love of books reading my grandmother’s gothic romances in middle school

I have a framed photo of Ryan Gosling in my office – a gag gift from a colleague

Autism mom to the world’s sweetest knock-knock jokester


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