Kendall Berdinsky

Dystel, Goderich & Bourret

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m interested in seeing upmarket women’s fiction, book club fiction, psychological thrillers, and narrative nonfiction. Overall, I am looking for work from underrepresented communities with new stories to tell.

In romance, I’m primarily looking for contemporary rom-coms with a new take on a classic trope. Enemies to lovers and fake dating are two of my favorites. I love anything with the style of Nora Ephron movies (especially if it’s set in NYC) and would love to see a “Love Island” inspired romance in my inbox. And of course, I’m game for any amount of steam (from a book you can give to your grandmother to one you wouldn’t dare read in public).

For book club fiction, I love voice-driven writing, social commentary that resonates with the current culture, or a critique on the ideals of femininity. In historicals, I’d prefer stories not set in Western Europe or the USA. Hidden histories and female-led retellings are also up my alley.

In the mystery/thriller space, I’d love to see mysteries for the Gen Z or Millennial audience, especially with fun settings and a whodunnit plot. I’m partial to the southern gothic and nature settings and would especially love a “Survivor” or “Succession” inspired psychological thriller.

In literary fiction, I’m interested in messy people making tough choices, campus novels, unlikeable narrators (especially women who either gaslight, girlboss, or gatekeep) who may or may not win you over, and atmospheric writing styles. I’m on the lookout for family sagas, new adult-ish protagonists, and anything that explores the human experience with nuance.

In terms of nonfiction, I love undiscovered histories, pop culture/cultural criticism, fresh takes on true crime, and the wellness space.

Some of my hobbies that I’d love to read about (whether that’s a setting, a character’s career, or a non-fiction title with a new take on it) include running, old Hollywood movies, and knitting. A native Texan, I have a soft spot for stories set in Texas or the American south.

I’m not the right fit for: military/police novels, “return to hometown” romances, fantasy, science fiction, most young adult, and WWI/WWII historical fiction.

Across the board, I welcome and encourage authors of all backgrounds, and am eager to work on inclusive books that reflect our world.

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