Kelly Karczewski

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Kelly Karczewski majored in English at Amherst College before getting her start in publishing at (now-defunct) Foundry Literary + Media. She moved to UTA in January 2023 and is now building her own list of varied fiction and nonfiction.

On the fiction side, Kelly is generally drawn towards books that will translate well to the screen—contemporary stories that draw you in with a strong commercial hook, and keep you reading with sharp, surprising writing. She has a soft spot for elevated romantic comedies, thrillers, stories set on the East coast, and books with a touch of lifestyle envy. Anything Nancy Meyers might adapt…

For nonfiction, she reads solely to learn something new–and while there is little she isn’t curious about, she’s most interested in exploring topics with bite, especially those that speak to a larger moment in our culture. She’s always eager to read more about sexuality, art history, sports, conspiracy theories, cults, dating & relationships, and feminist history.

She’s not looking for: Sci-fi & fantasy, YA, children’s, cookbooks.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Email queries only. Please send the first 10 pages of your manuscript, along with your query letter, to with “Query for Kelly Karczewski: TITLE” as your subject heading. She’ll be in touch within 4-6 weeks if she is interested in representing your work. Due to the volume of submissions, she is unable to reply to every query.