Katie Gisondi

Laura Dail Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

In all genres I prioritize diversity and marginalized voices. Specifically I would love to see more Indigenous, Native American, and First Nations, as well as Latinx, disabled, chronically ill, and trans/nonbinary/queer stories and voices.

In general I am looking for commercial fiction and non-fiction with a clear, distinct voice and a unique hook.

    • Flipping classic tropes on their heads (grumpy/sunshine, hate to love, forced proximity).
    • Paranormal romance.
    • Spice encouraged.
    • High concept, high stakes, commercial (International settings, celebrities, family series, sports, fake dating, enemies-to-lovers).
    • NO large age gap (10+ years), incest, or mafia. I am NOT a good fit for love triangles, miscommunication trope, pregnancy trope, or dark romance.
    • Uncommon settings
    • Unique protagonists
    • Found family
    • Locked room mysteries
    • Cozy
    • Female friendships, swoony romance, found family.
    • Intricate and clear world-building, character development, and unique magic systems. I really don’t like prophecies that spoil the whole plot or chosen one plots.
    • Uncommon myth retellings or fantasy worlds inspired by underrepresented cultures.
    • Fresh takes on classic beasts and monsters (vampires, werewolves, witches), and new ones too!
    • College and academic settings.
    • Cozy, low-stakes fantasy. Think LEGENDS & LATTES.
    • Adventurous, whimsical fantasy. I like to be transported to new worlds, so I’m not necessarily a good fit for urban fantasy.
    • Stories that treat MG readers like the smart, capable kids they are.
    • I am a fan of both upper and lower MG stories.
  • I am now open to adult science fiction!

I am NOT a good fit for and do not represent magical realism, speculative fiction, picture books, cookbooks, historical fiction, literary fiction, or poetry at the moment.

Fun facts about me:

I have a cat named Salami and she helps me go through my queries. She’s very severe.

I love hiking, re-watching the same movies over and over, and matcha lattes. I am proudly queer and have ADHD.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit only through the QueryManager link provided. I do not accept submissions through email, Twitter, Instagram, phone call, or snail mail. Thanks!

For graphic novels, please submit the following in your query: a summary, a sample script (10-50 pages), sample pages of fully laid out colored art (10 pages), a few pages of drafts for art, character descriptions and mock up for designs, author letter (optional).

Guidelines & Details

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