Katie Gisondi

Laura Dail Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

In all genres I prioritize diversity and marginalized voices. In general I am looking for a clear, distinct voice and a unique hook.

    • Main characters in their 20-30s exploring the beginning of their adult life (roommates, first jobs, exploring new cities etc.)
    • Flipping classic tropes on their heads (grumpy/sunshine, hate to love, forced proximity).
    • Unique voices that stick with you and address real things like disability/mental health/race/class.
    • Spice encouraged.
    • high concept, high stakes, commercial (international settings, celebrities, family series, sports, fake dating, enemies-to-lovers).
    • Spice encouraged (again lol.)
    • NO large age gap (10+ years), incest, or mafia.
  • MIDDLE GRADE: Adventurous, whimsical fantasy.
    • drugs, disability, sex and sexuality, modern dating, nature, cults, pop science, and pop culture.
    • Microhistories!
    • off-kilter and female-led
    • unreliable narrators
    • paranormal or not
    • NO explicit rape, child abuse, or animal abuse.
    • led by victims and anyone not in the government.
    • international settings
    • NOT a fan of romance/thriller crossover, spy thrillers, or military thrillers.
    • adult
    • multiple POVs
    • uncommon settings
    • female friendships, swoony romance, morally grey characters, found family.
    • uncommon myth retellings or fantasy worlds inspired by underrepresented cultures.
    • Series and standalone both welcome.
    • Romantasy.
    • Fresh takes on old beasts and monsters (vampires, fey, werewolves)
    • intricate and clear worldbuilding and character development. unique magic systems.

I am NOT a good fit for and do not represent magical realism, picture books, cookbooks, historical fiction, literary fiction, essay collections, memoirs, political thrillers, poetry, or sci-fi!

Fun facts about me:

Pronouns: She/Her

I have a cat named Salami and she helps me go through my queries. She’s very severe.

I love hiking, re-watching the same movies over and over, and matcha lattes. I am proudly queer and have ADHD.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit only through the QueryManager link provided. I do not accept submissions through email, Twitter, Instagram, phone call, or snail mail. Thanks!

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