Kate Sederstrom

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My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m eagerly looking to acquire across all age categories, picture book though YA, and consider myself genre agnostic. My taste skews more toward the literary, but I’m all for a swift, twisty plot and a commercial hook, too.

In picture books, I’m drawn to stories with humor and heart – books that make the reader say, “aww!”, and then flip back to the beginning to read again. I love books with distinctive and quirky characters, like in TINY T REX AND THE IMPOSSIBLE HUG and the Bear and Spider series. I’m particularly interested in acquiring books that explore a childhood milestone – like losing a first tooth, scraping a first knee, and making a first friend. Themes of emotional intelligence and mindfulness are appealing, too.

I seek out novels that have an immersive voice, unexpected twists, and poweful emotional draws. I want books that ask and explore big questions. If you need dragons to do that, use dragons. If you need a parallel universe, go for it. Genre doesn’t matter much to me, as long as its approached toughtfully.

In middle grade, I’m looking for contemporary stories that explore middle school friendship dynamics, fads, and family from a unique / high concept entry point. I’d love to see stories that feature characters with unconventional family structures; for example, I’d love a middle grade that features a child in foster care, but where the narrative isn’t about their experience in foster care.

In YA, I generally gravitate toward the darker stuff, but there still should be a glimmer of hope. Right now, I’m particularly interested in acquiring YA fantasy. I like voice-driven stories with enticing hooks, inventive narrative structures, and stories that touch upon social, cultural, and emotional issues with tact, poignancy, and often a dash of quirk. I’m particularly interested in both middle grade and YA that deals with themes of toxic masculinity, empathy, and protagonists who experience a tug-of-war between good and evil.

I have a particular interest in graphic novels, both middle grade and YA.

I’m actively seeking stories that are told from an underrepresented and / or unique perspective, especially stories by #ownvoices authors.

Fun facts about me:

I’m in a co-dependent relationship with my cat, Neville, whose personality is quite similar to his namesake character’s.

I’ve been known to eat an entire watermelon in a single sitting.

I was the world’s worst waitress all throughout college.

I really love clogs.

My favorite color is yellow, which people often find odd, but like, what is there to dislike about the color of sunshine?

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