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Kate Rogers is a University of Washington graduate with a double major in English and Cinema Media Studies. She has worked in customer service at Vroman’s Bookstore in her hometown of Pasadena, California, and as the Assistant Director for Communications and Marketing for Stevens Court Community Council in Seattle.

Kate loves stories with graphic/illustrated elements or multimodal components. All ages (Children’s, MG, YA, and Adult) welcome, as long as there is a visual component! Genres include humor, horror/thriller (bonus if it’s entry level for a younger audience!), romance, light sci-fi, light fantasy (not currently open to high-fantasy of any kind), contemporary realistic fiction, and narrative non-fiction. She is interested in diverse, character-driven narratives that subvert familiar tropes or conventions. Bonus points if your story includes non-conventional, interactive formats.

Fun facts about me:

I balance my time between Seattle, WA and Pasadena, CA.


Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to query@komediamanagement.com

Submissions to KOMM

We are excited to receive queries from authors, illustrators and content creators looking for representation of their stories, art and IP. Please take a look at our agents’ individual bios to see who might be the best fit.

We ask you to query only one agent at KOMM at query@komediamanagement.com with the subject line “Query for <agent name>: Title”. Please paste your query and samples only, as attachments will not be opened:

– Authors: first 5 pages of text (if a picture book, please paste the entire text)

– Illustrators: link to portfolio

– Content creators: link to portfolio 

You should receive an auto-reply confirmation of receipt. If you don’t, please double check the e-mail address and send again.

If you don’t hear from us within 4 weeks of receipt, we are unable to pursue your query further. Due to the volume of queries received and our commitment to our clients’ careers, we are unable to personally reply to every query. We are a collaborative group and we will pass queries to each other if we feel someone else is a better fit.

Please note we do not use third-party query management systems and we do not accept physical queries. All queries sent via postal mail will be discarded.

As an agency, we are not open to screenplay queries at this time.

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